Enter to Win Star Trek / Green Lantern Convention Edition Comic

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Star Trek Green Lantern Convention Cover Spectrum Wars IDW DC Critical Blast Contest

Thic contest has ended. The randomly selected winner is LL L. of Lexington, KY.

Cyberspace. The latest frontier. These are the contests of the website, CriticalBlast.com. Its continuing mission: To explore all forms of entertainment. To seek out new readers and new fan material. To boldly go where no website has gone before. Let those who worship boredom's might, beware our power...

Wait a minute. We're mixing mantras. Oh, but there's a good reason, good reader! Because IDW and DC Comics have reached across the galactic barrier separating their universes to bring us STAR TREK / GREEN LANTERN: THE SPECTRUM WAR, a union of two of fandom's favorite spacefaring adventurers.

You've probably seen it on the shelves of your local comic shop, and if you're a discerning fan of impeccable taste (as so many of our readers are), you probably picked up a copy or three.

What we have here is that very issue -- with the special Convention Cover. So if you're one of those fans who can't make it to conventions for these specialty items, this is your lucky break. Just enter your information into the captain's log below, hold your ring finger to the glow of your monitor, and recite whatever oath you think will help you be the lucky winner selected at random.



Be sure to check out all our rules and regulations before entering. CriticalBlast.com will not sell, lease, loan, beam up, or otherwise use your submitted information for anything other than this specific contest, and all entries are deleted upon confirmation of delivery to the winner (via USPS tracking).

This contest will run until August 9, 2015.