CD Giveaway Contest: Rob Nance, "Signal Fires"

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Rob Nance's second album, Signal Fires, finds him broadening the sound he introduced with his first effort, 2013’s Lost Souls & Locked Doors.  Incorporating a wide range of musical styles and instruments- everything from pedal steel guitars to retro Casio synthesizers, Rob made a conscious effort to push Signal Fires into places he had not ventured on his first record.

“This time around I wanted to take the music I’m comfortable with and see if I could push it in any new directions,” says Rob. “I think this album reflects my need to explore beyond the normal scope of folk and Americana music. Whether it was having pedal steel and synthesizer together in the same song or veering into psych rock on occasion, it was cathartic to at least follow some of ideas wherever they led, even if they didn’t always fit.”

This contest has ended.

The winner is SHARON K. of Wausau, WI.