CD Giveaway Contest: The Nate Jones EP

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The Nate Jones EP

The Nate Jones Band EP is the five-song debut release from Cleveland, Ohio native Nate Jones, a young singer/songwriter who spikes his coffeehouse folk songs with soulful vocal melodies and intricate, funky fretwork on the acoustic guitar. The collection brims with Hammond organ, bluesy guitar solos, and the breezy charm of Jones’ voice.

The EP also introduces Jones’ band, a group of likeminded musicians who, in Jones’ words, “allow me to balance my love of the softer singer/songwriter music with heavier, guitar-driven rock music, blending everything into what I think is a unique and very original sound.”

An original sound, indeed. The Nate Jones Band EP is an old-school record for modern audiences, balanced somewhere between the glory days of the Laurel Canyon sound and the recent resurgence of neo-soul music.

This contest has ended.

The winner is JOY A. of Jeremiah, KY.