CD Giveaway: Tommy Brandt, NUFF SAID

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Tommy Brandt NUFF SAID CD Cover

This week's Critical Blast Giveaway is Tommy Brandt's NUFF SAID on CD. If you're wondering what's on the album, then you'll want to check out our review of the album. And if you want to know who this Tommy Brandt fellow is, then you'll want to read the interview we did with him.

And, as always, if you haven't entered one of our contests before, then you need to be sure to inspect our rules and regulations for all the legal mumbo jumbo. But after that, just pick your option(s) below. (Hint: You can choose all of the options for more entries, and SOME of them you can choose EVERY DAY to increase your odds of winning, but you didn't hear that here!)

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