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Anime and Manga Slots

Anime is not something you would think to find at land-based casinos. Well, not all of them. Video slots are available in an array of themes, each offering different paylines, themes, bonus rounds and special symbols, but it isn’t often you discover one of manga or anime. However, with the internet working in favor of all gaming preferences, online casinos have been adopting more video slots, expanding their gaming options and attracting new players with specific preferences. If you take for example, you will find a multitude of video slot themes, all geared toward bringing in new players with a new database of video slots. Now with that being said, there are a few that really stood out to us, mentioned below.

Moon Princess


Is There a Way to Beat Roulette?

(Article Image: "Roulette" (CC BY 2.0) by Sonny Side Up!)

Roulette is one of the most famous and iconic casino games on the planet, and even people uninterested in staking money on things are familiar with the table game. Ever since the spinning wheel was invented by Blaise Pascal way back in 18th century France, people have been trying to work out ways to beat it and fix the result so that they can win money. But no matter what the cunning tricksters try, it’s usually the game and the house which prevail. So what are the methods that have been used? Are any actually viable?


Apex: Legends Character Profile - Gibraltar

One of the things that makes Apex: Legends so unique is their voice talent.


Insomniac's Spider-Man Swings Into Position for Best Game of 2018

Spider-Man PS4 Best Game of 2018 from Insomniac

As with prior years, 2018 was a wide-open field of new electronic and online games, and our readers let us know their favorites. Of particular interest this year was the inclusion of some old-school games given new twists -- tabletop and board games, which, while never excluded before, made their presence known well enough that we can safely say that rolling dice and drawing cards is going to continue to be as much of a favorite pastime as pressing buttons.


Apex: Legends Surpasses 50 million Player Mark

You wanted the best, you got the best! It's the hottest game in the world: APEX (Legends)!

Within its first week, APEX: LEGENDS shattered records by bringing in 25 million players and after just under a full month it's hit the 50 million mark. It's a remarkable achievement for a game that has entered a highly contested market, previously dominated by FORTNITE. And FORTNITE has taken notice!


Churrascaria by Absurdist Productions


I love backing new games on Kickstarter, especially ones from new designers, first time publishers, or with a favorite theme. When I saw the KS page for Churrascaria, I was very intrigued. It seemed like it would be a huge hit in my home. The quick game play, wonderful theme, colorful art, and cutthroat element were all very compelling to me. Of all the games I backed, this one had great potential to be a part of every board game night.

When it arrived, I could not wait to begin learning how to play. Unfortunately, I struggled through the copious rules, rich with examples rather than instructions. The wording was not consistent, the paragraphs were too long, and relevance of the examples were not made for someone with a cognitive need for simplification. Even the setup instructions were slightly puzzling. I did find the simple setup illustration to be of great use.


Calliope Games Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

Press Release

Redmond, WA – January 10, 2019: Calliope Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary by launching Tsuro: Phoenix Rising.

This brand new tile-laying game, the third in the classic Tsuro series, puts each player in control of a magical phoenix, cleverly swooping around the board to reach floating lanterns and turn them into new stars in the night sky. During the game, players will flip and rotate the double-sided tiles to create clever paths to the lanterns. The revolutionary patented board allows one tile to be manipulated without disturbing surrounding tiles. Tsuro: Phoenix Rising can be enjoyed by 2-8 players ages 8 and up, and plays in less than an hour.


Game Jab Season Three Teaser

Are you ready?



Has Red Dead Redemption 2 Revived Poker Minigames?

RDD2 Poker

Celebrated by many fans and critics as perhaps the best video game to come out in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 has quickly won over the gaming community. A prequel to the 2010 original Red Dead Redemption, RDR2 takes us through the Wild West, as we walk in the shoes – or rather, cowboy boots – of Arthur Morgan, a member of the infamous van der Linde gang we met in the first installment. But don't worry: John Marston is still here as the original outlaw-turned-hired-gun, as are several elements from the original game that was celebrated as Game of the Year by many critics. One of the most interesting features that made a return, much to the fans’ rejoice, is the poker minigame – could this signal that poker minigames are increasing in popularity among gamers?


Classic Games Make Comeback with Flashback Blast!

At Blast Namco Bandie Flashback Blast!

Retro games have been out on the market for some time now. You can find them in any store's toy aisle, with classic titles like Pac-Man, Asteroids, and others. The catch: they're almost all Plug-and-Play. Which is fine if you don't mind sitting within four feet of the screen.

Enter AtGames and their new line of Flashback Blast!

To illustrate what makes these games different, we ran one of the units through an experienced video game tester.


So Detective Pikachu is Legit

Detective Pikachu

For those two or three of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet for the live-action Detective Pikachu film, may we present to you:

So yeah, not only did they actually go through with it but what has already been shown in this one trailer has already blown away people's expectations entirely. This does make us wonder though, what other difficult to adapt games and anime might be suited to live-action film or television to be released somewhere down the line?


Best Anime Movies Based on Games

Best Anime Based on Games

The popularity of anime cannot and should not be underestimated. Over the years it has become hugely popular and inclusive in the sense that there’s anime that will suit everyone’s taste. The genre has provided the inspiration for a number of gaming developers, including leading casino and bingo brand mFortune, who actually create their very own games. There are many anime-based games on the market, which have been a hit with players, but what about anime games which have gone on to be successful movies too? Well, we’ve devised a list of some of the best below.



Dungeons and Dragons’ Jeremy Crawford to Deliver PAX Unplugged Keynote


Season Three On The Way

Game Jab Is Coming Back!
Season Three is coming and yes it has been waaaaaay too long and we feel the hurt from it but it was well needed for us. So what will be new and what should you expect from us in this brand new toe  sucking Season?
Before I get to that let me leave you at a cliffhanger here to say we are sorry it has taken us so long to start up Season Three, we didn't lose interest in the channel, if anything me, Kevin and Bryan keep talking about it and watching old episodes and everyone keeps whining about how much they miss doing the show. There has been a lot of complications with Season Three when it comes to finances and studio upgrades and we plan to come back with a bang and a new yet familiar format that will keep the audience wanting to come back for more.  

At Gencon 2018, Game Designers Do It For Their Kids

Gencon 2018 Game Development for Children

It was my very first convention. I do not do well around crowds, nor am I a people person. Much like James Halliday, I prefer the solitude of a book, video game, movie, or SyFy television show. The convention center seemed to be a fictional reality like the Oasis. I saw all sorts of things that sparked the imagination; my boyhood dreams came to life. What Easter Eggs could I find in a center filled with tens of thousands of eager game enthusiasts? Would I likely find love, like Wade Watts? Absolutely -- in fellow game designers sharing the same passion: creating games for the children.


Spielberg Delivers Retro-Hit with Ready Player One

Ready Player One

Remember that feeling you had when you walked out of the theater after BACK TO THE FUTURE? I don't mean watching it at home on DVD (or VHS), I mean in the theater, because it means you were there, in that moment, in that era, when the 80s were in full swing and pop culture was expanding into new, uncharted waters. It was the time of the arcade games, parachute pants, and a rich variety of music that launched a renaissance.

When I sat down to watch READY PLAYER ONE, I had not seen the theatrical version. I had not read the book. And when I saw the opening scene, with its cinematically ominous Blade Hunter date and the post-apocalyptic landscape, I groaned. I didn't want another one of these.

That lasted for all of about three seconds, after which I was in sheer fanboy ecstasy for over two hours.


Rampage Translates Video Game into Fun Action-Comedy

Rampage Blu-ray

It's difficult to translate a videogame into a film. It's tempting, sure, and the good games provide a lot of inspiration. But ultimately, what happens in the game is brief, and hard to extrapolate into a 2-hour film without throwing in a lot of supposition and side plots.

So that's what directors do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

And sometimes even if it doesn't "work" it's still a whole lot of fun!

RAMPAGE is the latest collaboration between Director BRAD PEYTON and actor DWAYNE JOHNSON. The two have worked together on JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND and, more recently, SAN ANDREAS. Johnson portrays Davis Okoye, a primatologist at the San Diego Zoo with a military background. His pet project is George, an albino gorilla whom he saved from poachers and taught to sign.


Unreal – Legendary Video Game Engine

Back in 1998 gamers were being introduced to the true power of graphical technology. Dedicated graphics cards were the talk of the industry, and their ability to massively improve graphics the stuff of legend. A race arose among video game developers to create the best looking games, and PC gamers scrambled to afford a graphics card.

Many games at the time made use of accelerated graphics, but one game stood apart for delivering a next level gaming experience. Unreal. Created by Epic Games and released in 1998 the game made use of the most advanced graphics technology available, blowing minds with coloured and volumetric lighting. It was an incredible sight in 1998, so much so that many could scarcely believe their eyes.


Atari’s Contribution to Gaming

Atari has been through many ups and downs. The company will hopefully be able to pull itself up and join the ranks of popular console video gaming.


Marvel to release new digital CCG called Marvel Battle Lines

From Marvel:

Nexon, a worldwide leader in online and mobile games, in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment has announced MARVEL Battle Lines, a new strategic card battle game featuring hundreds of iconic Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. In MARVEL Battle Lines, players collect and build the ultimate deck of Super Heroes and Super Villains to take into battle across an expansive single-player campaign with an original story written by Marvel writer Alex Irvine and a real-time turn-based competitive player vs. player (PvP) mode. MARVEL Battle Lines will be released in 2018 as a free-to-download experience on the App Store® for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.


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