From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series [Blu-ray]

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From Dusk Til Dawn

I have fantastic memories from seeing From Dusk Till Dawn in the theater back in 1996.  Goodness, it's so hard to believe that was nearly twenty years ago! Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino had only made a few films up to that point. More so, George Clooney was really just the dude from "ER" and a host of failed series. Now, Tarantino's films are always Oscar worthy, Clooney has been Best Actor, and Robert Rodriguez owns the El Rey Network. They are a power trio in modern Hollywood, but back then they were just making a horror flick.

The idea of remaking a well loved horror film as a television series that essentially follows the map of the original, well that takes balls! To be honest, it all pays off quite well. Considering the film was packed with stars or soon-to-be stars, the series pulls off recasting so well, that you mostly don't even miss the original players.

The story centers on the Gecko brothers Richie (Zane Holtz) and Seth (DJ Cotrona) who wreak havoc upon Texas with an epic murder and robbery spree. Along the way, they capture a family with the patriarch played by Robert Patrick getting heavily involved. Our heroes run afoul and even fall in love with some crazy vampires led by Eiza Gonzalez (who fills Salma Hayek's role beautifully). Adding to the carnage, they encounter and are pursued by Texas Rangers played by Don Johnson and Jesse Garcia. As the series moves forth the villains somehow transition into heroes.

If you've seen the film all the key set pieces can be found in the ten-episode run. What's most interesting is there are additions that further establish the character back stories. More so, the series goes way beyond what occurred in the film. So, it starts off like a true remake and morphs along the way to offer lots of surprises. It's chock full of great actors, blood, gore, and action. What more could you want.

The Blu-ray set includes a number of worthy extras to keep you busy. There's a commentary by Robert Rodriguez and other cast and crew, which is always fun, if you have the time.  There are also some amusing commercials that will help you get in the world of From D to D. Also, check out the Best Kills video and some more behind the scenes docs. All told, there's quite a bit beyond the ten episodes.

I'm not a person that craves remakes, but sometimes, when the creators have something new to add to the equation, they can be a real success. "From Dusk Till Dawn" stunned me with good acting, nifty effects, and willingness to add to the world we've already visited. If you're a fan of the film or just a horror buff, you'll like this series.

4.0 / 5.0