McPike Mansion Focus of Dave Glover 2014 Halloween Tradition

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The McPike Mansion in Alton, IL

Saint Louis is a town of quirks and traditions. We toast our ravioli. We warsh our cars before driving them down Route farty-far. We make little trick-or-treaters tell us jokes when they come to our door. And if we have a radio, we tune in Dave Glover on FM 97.1 for his annual Halloween show.

Dave's first Halloween show began on a lark, based off of his fondness for the Don Knotts classic film, "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken." And since St. Louis and the surrounding area is host to a plethora of historic haunts, he thought it would be fun to find some people who profess to be chickens and have them face their fears in a rumored haunted house.

It began as fun, and it has since grown into a true paranormal expedition, with some chilling and surprising finds. Accompanied by the team at Para-Vision, the group has captured images of orbs as well as some of the most convincing EVPs this reporter has ever heard recorded. (One EVP captured during the 2013 show was so clearly audible, audiences had to be told which part of the conversation they were hearing was the physical participants, and which part was the EVP!) From the Lemp Brewery to the actual Exorcist house to remote pits, Dave Glover and company have yearly brought entertainment and intrigue together for a true Halloween treat.

This year, the crew chose to meet at the ruins of the McPike Mansion in nearby Alton, IL. The show has already been recorded, and will air this Friday, October 24 starting at 4pm local time. (The show re-runs on Halloween.) As per usual, the team invited along some guests who were a mix of self-professed "chickens" as well as skeptics, to provide outside observations of the goings on during the recording and filming, and these guests return to the studio during the airing of the program to comment on the recordings that are then replayed. And teasers for the show have promised that the findings from this excursion are already stronger than any previous one -- and that's saying a lot!

Listener's can access the past Halloween episodes by visiting the Dave Glover Halloween Show page.