Second Season of Courage The Cowardly Dog Double Helping of Fun

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Courage the Cowardly Dog, Season Two on DVD

John R. Dilworth's cowering canine, Courage, is the reluctant hero of this fun cartoon series that blends the styles of Schoolhouse Rock and John Kricfalusi. He's ostensibly a "cowardly dog," and yet he shows degrees of bravery all the time that exceed that of your average dog. He just shows it without any external bravado. He doesn't run around saving those he loves with a grow, but with a tiptoe and a whimper -- but he still does it, because it needs doing.

This collection of Courage's second season of the Cartoon Network series. He's the beloved pet of Muriel (who loves everyone) and the "behated" object of Eustace (who hates everything). They live on a dirt farm in the middle of Nowhere, which is the nexus for lots of creepy events. But whether it's an unbreakable curse on Eustace, a tree that grants wishes with unintended consequences, a burglar with a split personality, a time-travel jaunt to a future populated by evolved bananas, or an alien that sucks all the kindness out of Muriel, Courage is always up to the task of saving the day.

Each of the thirteen episodes on this two-disc collection is comprised of two animated shorts, with the exception of the thirteenth episode which is a double-length story, "The Tower of Dr. Zalost." Doctor Zalost is unhappy, and has Unhappy Cannonballs that he launches into the town of Nowhere to make everyone as unhappy as he is. Fortunately, Muriel has a recipe that can counteract the effects -- but it's up to Courage to use it when Muriel is made as listless as the rest of the town.

This collection is nothing but fun packed into two DVDs. You (and your kids, if you opt to share) will have a great time watching Courage freak out, flake out, and ultimately dog up and save the day.

4.0 / 5.0