Jurassic World Trailer Looks Familiar, Still Cool

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Jurassic World

It's not enough to use genetic engineering to bring back to life the dinosaurs of the past. Now the good doctors at the dinosaur theme park have managed to create a "genetically modified hybrid." Let me agree with generic action hero on this: "Probably not a good idea."

While the story may seem more than familiar, there's no denying the special effects give JURASSIC WORLD a visual appeal. The long distance shots, the "riding my giant hamster ball with dinosaurs" scene, the pregnant silent pause during the use of a shark as bait... even the telegraphed foreshadowing from another Spielberg mom that bookends the trailer, as simple as it is, makes me want to see this film on a big screen. Even the music is just the right kind of haunting pianissimo to understate the suspense while building it.

Check out the trailer for JURASSIC WORLD below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

4.0 / 5.0