Lucky, "Rap Titan"

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Lucky, Rap Titan

So a couple weeks ago I was fooling around on YouTube, and I made the rookie mistake of actually reading some of the comments on a video. (I know, I know. Sigh).

Anyway, in the comments of a particular video, I noticed a user with the name of “Lucky” advertising his channel and asking people to come check out his videos. I was feeling particularly snarky, so I went to take a look, preparing myself to blast the user with both petulant barrels for wasting my time.

I’m glad I went. Over the next several days, I listened to every video on the channel. Sometimes twice, often more. My regular Pandora stations were completely neglected, and my iTunes account got a reprieve.

I had to try and learn more about Lucky, but didn’t really learn a whole lot. I learned his first name, I learned he has a Facebook account, and I learned he records all of his own stuff on a laptop in a closet. That’s it.

I reached out to contact him, and I quickly realized that Lucky would rather talk about his music than himself, which is refreshing in a sea of “look at me” rappers. When asked, he stated he doesn’t make music for the money, but to encourage his fans. When I asked how he paid for studio time, he quickly informed me about recording on his laptop. But when I asked for his bio, he was quiet.

The other thing I liked about Lucky was his decided lack of profanity. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’d listen to it in the car with my small children, but I would say that I only noticed a couple of instances of it while listening to his music.

I’m really excited to have found Lucky on YouTube. I like his style, I like his lack of braggadocio, and I like his efforts to reach out to his community in a positive manner. You can find his Youtube channel here, you can download his song "Stand My Ground" on iTunes, which is going into my MP3 player as soon as I get home,  and finally, here is his latest video to hit 250K views on Youtube.

4.5 / 5.0