Pure Flix Asks "Do You Believe?"

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Do You Believe?

From the folks who brought us the thoughtful comedy MOMS' NIGHT OUT and the inspirational GOD'S NOT DEAD comes a dramatic character-driven film, DO YOU BELIEVE?

Pure Flix Entertainment has successfully made Christian-themed films that engage audiences, using high production values and known Hollywood talents. DO YOU BELIEVE? stars Mira Sorvino, Cybill Shepherd, Lee Majors and Delroy Lindo, as well as Pure Flix recurring actors like Sean Bean and Andrea Logan White, and uses the time-honored storytelling technique of weaving separate story threads into a climactic collision point.  Set to the music of The Newsboys, the trailer shows the encounter between a local pastor (Ted McGinley) and a street preacher (Lindo) that ignites inspiration and provides the catalyst that impacts a dozen different lives at once, from the streets to the courtrooms, from the churches to the hospitals.

DO YOU BELIEVE? does more than ask a question with a yes or no answer. And if it's anything at all like GOD'S NOT DEAD (DO YOU BELIEVE? is the company's highest budgeted film to date), it will prove to have several layers to draw in audiences.

Check out the trailer below, and learn more at the film's website, DoYouBelieve.com.

4.0 / 5.0