Is Santa Claus Coming to Town? MyTopSportsbooks Makes Odds.

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Is Santa Claus Coming to Town? What do YOU think?

NEW YORK, NY With just days until Christmas, children and adults across the globe are hoping to get all the presents on their wish lists. Once again, one man is deemed with delivering all these present the world over. Will Santa Claus once again get the job done? Is this the year that Santa doesn’t show up? Will Santa’s sleigh breakdown during his journey? Will he deem you naughty and put coal in your stocking? Once again beating everyone down the chimney the most reliable and accurate odds/information source on the web posted odds on all things related to Santa Claus! spokesman Geoff Johnson stated, “Now that everyone has a camera on their phone the race is on to be the person to video Santa Claus joyfully yelling, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Analysts at posted the following odds regarding Santa Claus and Christmas:

Real and Serious Santa Claus Odds:

Odds Santa gets snowed in: 1000/1

Odds Santa oversleeps: 25/1

Odds Santa puts coal in your stocking: 3/1

Odds Santa is real: 1/100

Odds Santa is seen eating cookies in your kitchen: 1000/1

Over/under on Santa’s weight: 240

Odds Santa gets stuck in your chimney: 2/1

Odds Santa’s Christmas delivery list gets hacked: 5/1

Which city will Santa need to stop in to service his sleigh?

  • Mogadishu: 3/1
  • Caracas: 3/1
  • Alderaan: 3/1
  • Pittsburgh: 3/1

Odds that Santa shaved off his beard: 25/2

Odds that Santa upgraded to a more modern uniform: 25/2

Odds on where Santa will vacation on December 26: 

  • Scottsdale: 3/1
  • South Pole: 8/1
  • Silicon Valley: 20/1
  • Pittsburgh: 1000/1

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