By Request: Heroes Reborn Trailer from Super Bowl

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After I posted up all the movie trailers from the Superbowl, I got a request from one of our readers to post up the Heroes Reborn teaser too.  This is the version off NBC's website, which features a quick thing on The Blacklist before the teaser:

Honestly, I wasn't too sure how I felt about this teaser...or the fact they are even making a Heroes Reborn show.  I loved the first season of Heroes...but the show quickly lost momentum in season 2.  By season 3, I had basically lost all interest entirely.  Almost 18 months ago, at San Diego Comic Con they had announced Cullen Bunn was going to do a Heroes series for Dynamite.  I was kind of interested in that.  No budget limits, I felt they could have done a lot to explore the possibilities of this universe.  Granted, it's not like we need more superheroes in comics, but I did think it could be something fun, especially in Cullen Bunn's hands.  But this project never appeared.

They had announced Heroes Reborn during the Winter Olympics LAST February, but there hadn't been much news about it since.  Only thing I remembered hearing is that Chuck's Zachary Levi would be starring in it.  This teaser didn't give us much else, other than showing that this time the powers seem tied to the Northern Lights (in the original Heroes, many of the characters manifested their powers during an Eclipse), and Jack Coleman will be returning to the show as Noah Bennett (AKA, Horn-Rimmed Glasses or HRG).  

It wasn't a bad teaser, but there were nothing here that really grabbed me either.  I do really hope they bring it back to the glory of the first season, but at the same time, I do think that this series really missed it's mark.  Especially since we have so many superhero shows on now, with more to come next year (Supergirl and Teen Titans).  I am not sure that Heroes has any real niche it can occupy.