Lego is about to get a bit more "Timey Wimey"

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This has been teased for a while, but BBC finally made it official: LEGO DOCTOR WHO!

Doctor Who Lego is about to become a reality - and production is starting later this year.

The successful pitch, which was sent to Lego's Ideas website, included plans for a Tardis and figures including Peter Capaldi and David Tennant.

Lego have yet to reveal exactly what will feature within the set.

The initial concept, created by Doctor Who fan Andrew Clark, included monsters and villains like the Angel and a Dalek.

The images he has shared are of models he has made, rather than pictures of what the final product will look like.

"Both Doctor Who and Lego enjoy a particularly close relationship with their fans and I can't wait to see what Lego produce," said Marcus Arthur, managing director at BBC Worldwide UK.

Along with the Doctor Who set, Lego also announced plans for a new design based on Wall-E.

Emma Owen, UK spokesperson for Lego Ideas said: "We're extremely excited to announce that a Doctor Who and a Wall-E set will be released as our next Lego Ideas fan based sets, congratulations to the designers Andrew Clark and Angus MacLane!

"After receiving over 10,000 votes from the online community and having gone through rigorous toy testing from our expert panel, these awesome sets are on track to be on shelves later this year.

"The final set designs, pricing and availability are being worked out as we speak, so watch this space for the final details."

Previous Lego Ideas sets, which have now become a reality, include one based on The Big Bang Theory and another featuring a a range of birds.

Commentary: This is such awesome news!   I really hope they put out at least all of the Doctors, bad guys like the Cyberman, Daleks, Weeping Angles, and several companions, including classic ones.  A Lego TARDIS is definitely a must have for me.  Lego stuff tends to be kind of expensive, so I don't know how much of this line I would buy, but I would easily pick up a Lego Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman with the TARDIS.

My biggest gripe with Lego has always been that there are a ton of mini-figures I would like to buy to display, but they typically come with big expensive playsets.  I hope they do what they did with the Simpsons and put out some blind boxes where you can get the figures seperately.  Titan has had some success doing this with their Doctor Who figures, and this would be a great solution here. 

One thing I really hope comes from this licensing agreement would be a Lego Doctor Who video game.  The Lego games are at their best when you are solving puzzles and using character's abilities to get past obstacles, and that would fit the Doctor Who license perfectly.  I would definitely want stages featuring as many Doctors and Companions as possible.  Telltale Games, please make this happen!

Source: BBC News