Sofia the First Must Break The Curse of Princess Ivy

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Sofia the First Disney Junior Curse of Princess Ivy DVD Critical Blast

Thus far, our plucky village-girl-turned-princess Sofia (Ariel Winter) has been lucky: nobody close to her -- not counting the scheming Cedric (Jess Harnell) -- has discovered that she has magical powers at her disposal thanks to the Amulet of Avalor, which allows her to talk to animals and call any princess to her in a time of dire need.

That lucky streak breaks, however, when her sister, Amber (Darcy Rose Byrnes) catches Sophia talking to her animal friends, forcing Sofia to tell her about the amulet's power. Amber's jealousy drives her to scheme a way to get to use the amulet herself, to call a princess of her own, just to meet her -- she's hoping for Rapunzel. But she is unaware of the amulet's legend:

With each deed performed
for better or worse,
a power is granted,
a blessing or a curse.

Since Amber's deeds merit it, the amulet gives her a curse -- and curses her with the appearance of Princess Ivy (TRUE BLOOD's Anna Camp), who promises to be Amber's new friend. But Ivy's true motives soon come to the fore as we learn where she came from, and why she isn't going back! And just to ensure she never goes back, she herself steals the amulet, having her own special plans for it that involve a meeting with the oldest dragon, Everburn (Oliver Platt).

It's the team of Sofia, Amber and Cedric to the rescue in order to not only lift the curse but also save all of Enchancia! This double-length episode is filled with wonderful musical numbers, including one performed by Rapunzel (with Mandy Moore reprising the role), who has her long blonde hair back.

Additional episodes on this DVD release include "The Amulet of Avalor," "Princess Butterfly," and "The Emerald Key." Also, in addition to the Disney Movie Rewards points, you will also find enclosed a butterfly pendant.

4.0 / 5.0