Critical Blast Best Actor in a Film of 2014: Michael Keaton

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Michael Keaton Birdman Best Actor 2014 Critical Blast

For my generation, Christopher Reeve will always be the best Superman, and Michael Keaton will always be the best Batman. Taking on an iconic superhero role always runs the risk of stereotyping the actor, but Michael Keaton had already made a name for himself before donning the cape and cowl, with a string of comedies like JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY, MR. MOM, and BEETLEJUICE, contrasted with incredible dramatic performances in shows like CLEAN AND SOBER and, later, PACIFIC HEIGHTS.

As Riggan Thomson, the lead character of BIRDMAN (subtitled THE UNEXPECTED VIRTUE OF IGNORANCE), Keaton portrays a washed-up actor, best known for having played the titular superhero, Birdman. While Keaton may have had some experience to draw on for part of this, he's never been "washed up" and has kept busy his entire career. With BIRDMAN, Keaton delivers a disturbing performance of a man mocked by his past and taking incredible risks to redeem his status, even if it takes suicide.

Critical Blast Best Actor Award 2014 Michael Keaton BirdmanKeaton's portrayal is completely captivating and engrossing, resonating with movie viewers, both fans of superhero films as well as fans of art house dramas. In our polls for 2014, Keaton completely ran away with the voting, pulling in a whopping 38% of the vote. Trailing a distant second was Chris Pratt (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) with 23% and Robert Downey Jr. (THE JUDGE) with 15%.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Michael Keaton, and offer him our inaugural year Critical Blast Award trophy for Best Actor in a Film for 2014.