Major Crimes Ignites New Season with Double Homicide on TNT

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photo credit Eddy Chen; Graham Patrick Martin, Mary McDonnell

TNT's MAJOR CRIMES returns to television for a fourth season starting June 8, with a double homicide that seems to be an open and shut case. But then, when are they ever that easy on MAJOR CRIMES?

Returning to the series is Raymond Cruz as Detective Julio Sanchez, and not everybody is happy about that, particularly Lt. Andy Flynn (Tony Denison), who is very vocal about his concerns that Sanchez might blow up again at any crucial moment.

The homicide provides an opportunity for Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) to develop a story for his college journalism course, and he obtains the necessary permissions from Chief Taylor (Robert Gossett) to do this. However, the lessons he gets from trying to follow the story end up having little to do with writing and more to do with the business. But it also leads into something else that is going to have repercussions throughout the season when he takes a hint from police photographer Buzz Watson (Phillip P. Keene).

photo credit Eddy Chen; Michael Paul ChanThis episode also sees Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), who is Rusty's adopted mother, making some difficult decisions, now that serial killer Phillip Stroh has escaped prison -- a conviction made possible because of Rusty's eyewitness testimony.

There are plenty of dramatic subplots to juggle as the new season kicks off. It's almost enough to make the viewer forget that there's an engrossing murder case being solved during the episode.

MAJOR CRIMES, "A Rose is a Rose" debuts Monday, June 8, 9pm ET/PT on TNT.

4.0 / 5.0