Microsoft's Xbox One Takes a Step...Backwards?

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XBox One Critical Blast

Today at E3 (the year's biggest video game conference), Microsoft made a bevy of announcements in hopes of moving ahead of the competition and scoring a victory in the ongoing console wars.

Devoted Xbox 360 owners were reluctant to part with the aging console when Microsoft introduced the Xbox One back in 2013. It was a hard sell; convincing gamers to throw away 8 years of games for a new console. Old, trade-in games would be banished to the bargain bin, only to be scooped up by those who refused to conform.

The Xbox One (along with other next-gen consoles) was not backwards compatible. Today, in what could be the biggest announcement from Microsoft, changes all of that.

The Xbox One is now backwads compatible!

Many gamers (like myself) are still clinging to their 10 year old 360 consoles and games. Now we can finally retire the gaming system that is considered by many, an antique.

"If you've been waiting to upgrade from an Xbox 360, now is the time," said Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, onstage.

Are you excited to go back to the future with the Xbox One?

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