New Trailer for HEROES REBORN

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HEROES is returning to NBC this fall as HEROES REBORN.  The show will be debuting September 24, but we got a first look at the trailer:

Commentary: Lots of action, but not a lot of information here yet.   One thing I love is seeing Masi Oka as Future Badass Hiro.  Masi Oka seems to always get typecast as a nerdy little character (Franklin from SCRUBS or Max from HAWAII FIVE-O....not to mention "normal" Hiro in HEROES).  But, he actually looks great when they show him as Badass Hiro. 

I don't think I've gotten to talk much about my feelings on HEROES returning...  When HEROES debuted, I thought it was unique and a fresh new take on superheroes.  Unfortunately, after the 2007-2008 Writers' Strike, HEROES never quite seemed to recover it's footing.  I didn't even get through season 3.  I have heard people say it got better for season 4, but most people had already moved on by then.  

HEROES REBORN is coming back to a very different TV landscape.  Superheroes and comic-based shows are the new normal.  GOTHAM, ARROW, FLASH, iZOMBIE not to mention forthcoming shows like SUPERGIRL and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.  So I wonder if HEROES can still find a place.  I certainly hope so.  I defintely think HEROES had a terrific perspective and it was nice to see superheroes outside of the Marvel or DC mold.

All that said, I do think the trend of bringing back shows is a little odd.  24 came back, X-FILES is coming back, I keep hearing rumors about PRISON BREAK coming back.  Bad enough we get so many remakes of movies and TV shows, but now we're bringing back shows that were only off the year for a few years.  Have we really run out of new ideas??