BITTEN Season of the Witch Now on DVD

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Syfy Bitten Season 2 DVD Laura Vandervoort werewolves witches Critical Blast

The complete second season of the Syfy drama, BITTEN, is now out on DVD, allowing for some wonderful binge-watching of werewolves -- and, this season, of witches as well.

This sexy action-drama picks up with the murder of Elena's friend, who had discovered her lycanthropic secret. However, while that's touched on a little bit in this second season, it takes a back seat to the new plot, which introduces a coven of witches, led by Ruth Winterbourne (Tammy Isbell) and her daughter Paige (Tommie-Amber Pirie). One of their own, young Savannah (Kiara Glasco) has gone missing, and is being used to bring about the prophesied "Undoing" of all witches.

The "big bad" of the overarching story is a male witch (we used to call them warlocks) named Aleister (Sean Rogerson), a creature who shouldn't exist precisely because of the prophecy. His plan is to use Savannah and introduce her blood to werewolf blood to catalyze the magic spell. His previous attempts have proven futile, but that's because he was looking in the wrong places for the strongest werewolf. Because just as there should not exist any male witches, there should not exist any female werewolves -- and that brings him to Elena (Laura Vandervoort). Much of the season is spent with Elena in captivity while Clay (Greyston Holt) and Nick (Steve Lund) look for her. Logan (Michael Xavier) is looking for her too, but is more interested in finding his kidnapped pregant fiancee, whom Aleister has also taken.

The great Mutt Uprising of season one is not forgotten among all this, however, as pack leader Jeremy Danvers (Greg Bryk) has his hands full politically with the Russian and Spanish packs.

This 3-disc package also includes bonus features which take the fans behind the scenes of the stunt choreography, the New York Comic Con panel, and other video goodies.

While I felt the story dragged in places over the season, while glossing over some fairly important things that should have had greater impact (such as, if the Undoing comes to pass, not only are the witches destroyed but the werewolf curse is lifted), I was still entertained enough by this outing to recommend you sink your teeth into it.

3.5 / 5.0