DreamWorks TURBO FAST Coming to Netflix

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The Stinger Strikes TURBO FAST DreamWorks Critical Blast Netflix exclusive

DreamWorks Animation is preparing to release the second season TURBO FAST, an animated series featuring the title character from their animated film, TURBO, and his crew of racing snail buddies.

TURBO FAST is a collection of shorts, averaging around ten minutes each without commercials, putting the FAST crew into all kinds of unique situations. The animation, however, is not the same caliber as seen in the film. Unlike the tack taken by Disney*Pixar's CARS TOONS, where there was an effort to conform to the CGI to some extent, TURBO FAST shorts follow the more traditional 2D animation format, in a style akin to SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

The stories have a modern sensibility about them, with references to things that are culturally relevant. Like binge-watching your favorite television series. In the episode "Home on Our Own," Skidmark and White Shadow play hooky from a conference in order to binge-watch "Gossip Snail," having taken great care to avoid any spoilers to the series. However, their viewing time is intruded upon by two crabs who think the headquarters is deserted and enter with plans to rob the place. MODERN FAMILY's Sarah Hyland provides the voice of the titular Gossip Snail.



"Sting of Injustice" appealed to me personally, as it involves Turbo's becoming the masked sidekick to a costumed crime fighter. The Stinger (voiced by JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED's Kevin Conroy) has come to mete out justice in a city that has no injustices. His soliloquys are on a par with THE TICK, and his perception of what's a crime requires some serious stretching. Plus, he likes to make an entrance by jumping through (closed) windows. As Shell Boy, Turbo quickly becomes disillusioned with the hero, and it soon becomes necessary to concoct a plan to make The Stinger look for a new city to protect.

TURBO FAST Season 2 airs exclusively on Netflix, beginning July 31st.



3.5 / 5.0