Deadpool Touches Fans with Two Trailers

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Ryan Reynolds did not disappoint with his first full length, available to the public, ‘Red Band’ trailer for his upcoming movie: DEADPOOL. With a re-hashed Wolverine movie plot, where the hero is ‘modified’ and something goes wrong so he seeks revenge, the trailer has all the curse words and violence one should expect.


However a more ‘general audience friendly’ version was also released for your viewing pleasure. Younger fans will want to see this movie and this trailer allows it to get in front of them, as well as general audiences who are watching at home on basic cable. Cutting out the curse words and the graphic violence, the scaled back version of the original trailer is the one you’ll want to watch if you’re at work. While the movie will be ultra-violent, graphic, sexual and full of ripe language that would make a sailor blush, there will be a little something for everyone in this film.


His first appearance in New Mutants #98 was the beginning of the Deadpool legend. Dubbed ‘Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth’ for his inabiliy to keep his mouth shut and penchant for spouting off pop culture references. Created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Wade Wilson was granted a ‘healing factor’ after discovering he had terminal cancer and entered into the nefarious ‘Weapon X’ program. He took the name Deadpool after being the lone survivor of a group of mercenaries who used to pull missions from a pool of choices that would ultimately lead to their deaths.

Known for breaking the fourth wall, fans will be pleased to see Ryan Reynolds make a reference to the often criticized Green Lantern movie. For years, people have said that he was born to play Deadpool. His witty and sarcastic humor echoes the character as though he was brought to life from the comic books. After he portrayed sharp-tongued Hannibal King in BLADE: TRINITY, he solidified himself as the one and only actor who could bring Deadpool to the big screen. In a 2004 article for IGN, he compares the two characters and how he would love to play the mutant mercenary:

I think that would be a great role to do. I mean, the only thing is, it's scarily close to Hannibal King, the guy I played in Blade. He's a guy that has some sort of superpowers and he's also a world heavyweight champion of smartass.

Having been a fan of the character and a full understanding of what makes Deadpool tick, it’s easy to see that this movie is really a fan film with a Hollywood budget. General audiences not familiar with the character may enjoy it as a superhero movie that breaks the rules. For those of us who have followed his career in the pages of comic books, it’s a dream come true.

For the younger crowd (and faint of heart) here is the scaled back trailer (don't worry it'll encourage children to watch the 'Red Band' trailer too):