Microsoft Releases Halo Wars 2 Trailer for Xbox One

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The first teaser trailer for HALO WARS 2 has been released and it certainly does tease!

Fans of the HALO franchise will be happy to hear that there's plenty of Spartan goodness in the follow-up to HALO WARS, released in 2009. A real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios, HALO WARS sold one million units worldwide the year it was released, making it the best-selling RTS of its time.

Critics of the original game felt that it lacked certain strategic options during gameplay, making it feel shallow, and didn't satisfy the more experienced gamers. Under the guidance of 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, there's hope that HALO WARS 2 will be vastly superior. Creative Assembly is the developer behind TOTAL WAR, which currently exists as one of the few remaining, quality, RTS games in the genre.

Despite the monetary success of HALO WARS, it's highly regarded as the franchise's only misstep.

The trailer features 'Red Team' requesting immediate evac after 'something' hit them. A soldier being dragged, is pumping off his last remaining shots before dying. Some flashes of intense action followed by a monstrous looking alien with a glowing red hammer gives us some insight as to what hit them.

"Hunt them down," it says.

On a scale of 'meh' to 'hair standing on end', I got chills watching it.

The game won't see it's release until Fall of 2016, but the build-up has officially begun. And with HALO 5 just around the corner, to quench the thirst of devoted fans, the time should go by pretty quickly.