Warning: 'Speed of Light' May Cause Extreme Nostalgia

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Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden has released its first official music video to the upcoming album: BOOK OF SOULS.

Titled, 'Speed of Light', the video has their mascot, Eddie, going on a journey through a history of video games as the graphics grow increasingly better. On a quest to collect hearts, he battles his way through each 'level' until reaching the final altar in which he must display his collection. The ending offers a nice little 'heart-wrenching' twist. It's a fun and nostalgic progression through video games and can be appreciated by anyone who has been playing them for as long as they've been around.

The visuals are a treat for any gamer and the accompanying track is pure bonus.

Musically, it doesn't appear that the band has lost a step as they march on with their familiar sound, in spite of frontman Bruce Dickinson undergoing chemotherapy to remove two cancerous tumors from his head and neck. The album was mostly completed before the unfortunate discovery. However, in an interview with Kerrang! magazine, bassist Steve Harris said Bruce's vocals were so on point during recording, you wouldn't know there was an issue at all:

"It didn't cause any problems in that department at all. He wasn't showing any signs of being ill. I didn't even know until a few weeks afterwards, when he got his results back. It was such a shock to him and everybody else, because it just wasn't expected at all."

Now that Dickinson has been given a full bill of health, the band hopes to start touring to promote the new album. 'Speed of Light' offers a first glimpse into what fans can expect and the music is violently electric as Dickinson's vocals continue to impress.

BOOK OF SOULS will be a powerful new addition to Iron Maiden's library of music when it's released on September 4th.