Melissa Benoist Shares an Instagram That will Melt Your Heart

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Posing in full Supergirl costume, Melissa Benoist visited with some Girl Scouts from Oklahoma. Judging by their blue vests and patches, they were Daisy Scouts, which is the entry level for young girls. This provides us fans with comfort, knowing that Ms. Benoist truly understands the importance of not only putting on that costume, but what it means to girls all over the world.

She will be looked up to.

Actors and actresses will often dismiss the idea that they are 'idols' and will feed reporters with quotable lines such as, 'children should idolize their parents'. The truth is, to young children, the characters portrayed on film and television are fantastical. And provide the youth with hope and mysticism in an otherwise dreary world, that us parents fight to protect them from.

Children see a superhero, and they are inspired. When they see their parent(s), they are loved. But in a busy world of running from one job to the next and shuffling the kids off from the dinner table to their extra-curricular activities, much of what we do gets overlooked. The messages are often heard but seldom retained, as children live in a world with more distractions than mankind has ever known.

So when one of those distractions, such as a television show, can reinforce those concepts, parents can feel less guilt for having the TV on at night.

When a young actress such as Melissa Benoist visits with several Daisy Scouts, she IS Supergirl. It's an experience that these girls will never forget. Only time will tell what these girls will grow up to do. Who they will grow to become.

Ms. Benoist is now an icon, soon to be immortalized on television, displaying strength and independence in an otherwise cruel world. Never giving up hope and always striving to be the best she can be. To help others selflessly. To be kind. Yes, we as parents work hard to impress these lessons on our daughers, however when we have someone like Supergirl to back us up...the message rings that much louder.

And when the young woman playing Supergirl does it in her spare time, we can trust that the message is genuine.

She could easily cash the check, film the scene, fulfill contractual obligations and go about her life. But that wouldn't be Supergirl and Melissa Benoist fully understands that. Photos show her smiling, on-set. Her interviews are always full of spirit and her love for the character is quite clear. This is important to her and she undestands the scope of what it means to those watching her.

Melissa Benoist is the hero, this generation of girls, needs. And we're very lucky to have her.

You can follow her Instagram here.

The Supergirl pilot premieres on CBS, on October 26th at 8:30 pm.