Cheap Pops - Wrestling News & Views - August 23, 2015

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By Mike Maillaro, Josh Pollard, Jeff Ritter, & Graham Scherl

This Week:

  • Summer Slam Predictions

  • More “Best of the WWE Network”

  • NXT Results

  • NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results



Mike: This is a hell of a stacked card!  I guess WWE decided that “hey, we have 4 hours to fill...let’s actually fill it with matches, no filler!”  Awesome!  And Jon Stewart is the host (okay, I guess there is some filler).  This has the potential to be the best PPV of the year.  To be honest, while I don’t think they build shows all that well anymore, WWE still ends up putting on really good PPV’s for the most part.

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus

Mike: WHY????  How many times have we seen this match?  WWE seems determined to make me hate both of these guys.  Which shouldn’t be possible.  Sheamus was one of my favorite wrestlers, just about two years ago.  And Orton has a ton of talent.  But somehow, WWE has made me annoyed whenever I see either of them.  Even more so when they are paired off.  Fire this I have ever done this in this column.  I refuse to make a pick.  I WILL NOT PLAY YOUR SICK GAME, WWE!  NO MORE!

Josh: Oh now look, you’ve broken poor Mike. I really don’t mind Orton, but they’re just wasting Sheamus. Where’s the mean guy who got pissed and smashed everyone at Money in the Bank a couple of years ago?

This, it’s one of those matches I’ll probably be barely paying attention to. I’ll say Orton, just because WWE seems to love having their champs/Money in the Bank holders lose.

Grey: This match will be a fifteen minute long piss break filled with rest holds, predictable spots, and Michael Cole talking about how physical it is. Both guys deserve better. That said, I’m going with Sheamus because Orton beat him clean on Raw, and I can just tell that Vince thinks stretching this feud another meaningless month is a good thing.

MIke’s prediction: Don’t care.
Josh’s prediction: Randy Orton
Grey’s Prediction: Sheamus

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker


Mike: This actually would have been a much more exciting match if Taken hadn’t just wrestled at Wrestlemania a few months ago..  It kind of takes the impact away of his return.  Still, this should be an entertaining match.  I think it might be Undertaker’s retirement match...unless he comes back for one last Wrestlemania.  Typically a legend like Taker will go out with a loss, but I think it would be better to give him his win back over Lesnar.  Avenge the loss of the streak and ride off into the sunset.

Josh: This, this match I will totally be paying attention to. Undertaker is my favorite wrestler and Brock is always pretty amazing. Don’t know why they didn’t do this at Wrestlemania though. You’d think Undertaker popping back up after all this time to pay back years of Heyman’s trash talking would merit more than a Summerslam match…

Brock’s thing though seems to be that people go in all big and dramatically against him, they think they’ll have a shot, and then Brock just crushes their dreams. It happened to Taker, Cena, Reigns, Rollins. Poor Taker gets crushed again and I cry.

Grey: If Taker wins, it’s because he cheats. If Lesnar wins, it’s because Taker isn’t making it to Mania this year. This match is a bad idea. Like, a really bad idea. Not because it’ll be a bad match, but because there’s no way that an ending will benefit anybody. If Brock wins, then congrats, he beat up a fifty year old man that he already shamed. If Taker wins, then congrats, you’ve just murdered Brock’s indestructible nature that is his entire charm. I’m going with a no contest.

Mike’s prediction: Undertaker
Josh’s prediction: Brock Lesnar
Grey’s prediction: No contest



John Cena (US champ) Vs Seth Rollins  (WWE champ)- Title Unification Match for US Title and WWE Title

Josh: Go away, Cena. Just...go away.

Mike: I am so tired of being wrong every time I pick against Cena. There is no intelligent reason for him to win this match. But there was no intelligent reason for him to beat Rusev three out of four times.  And no intelligent reason for him to make Kevin Owens tap out.  Cena will be a 30 time world champ by the time he retires.

Grey: Rollins or a No Contest. This match shouldn’t be happening with two belts on the line, because the US title shouldn’t move, and Cena shouldn’t be the top champ ever again. I figure we’ll get a really good match, but I really don’t want a finish unless it’s Rollins going over clean.

Josh: No intelligent reason for him to beat the crap out of Bray Wyatt either. This time next year, he’ll probably be squashing Finn Balor into oblivion. Logic has long since died when it comes to John Cena, there are only tears.

Mike’s Prediction: Cena
Josh’s Prediction: Cena
Grey’s Prediction: Rollins or No Contest

Ryback (c) vs Big Show and The Miz - Intercontinental Title



Mike: They delayed this match because of Ryback’s ugly staph infection.  I am basically just going to steal my comments from last time:

I always feel bad for Miz.  No one in the WWE seems to care more than he does.  He puts a ton of emotion into his matches and promos, even when the WWE gives him lame material to work with.  Lumping him in with these two is just unfortunate.  Hopefully WWE will be shooting another movie with him soon...I would rather him do that instead of seeing him wasted in matches like this.   I don’t see WWE putting the IC title on Big Show, and putting it on Miz just to have him lose it in a day or two again is stupid.

I do think Ryback will retain the title. He basically just got it, and was unable to do much with it since he got hurt.

Grey: They should have just cancelled this feud when Ryback got the infection. Big Show shouldn’t be here, at all, and him jobbing here isn’t going to give a rub to anybody. I’d much rather just watch Ryback murder Miz in a singles match filled with Miz cheating. Ryback wins, obviously, but hopefully this match is shorter than the Orton/Angle/Mysterio title match.

Josh: Miz is one of those guys who I’m always surprised when I find myself liking him. He is just such an effective f***head. I like Big Show better than most too. Him cheerleading on commentary is usually funny as hell whenever he does it. Never really cared about Ryback much. He’ll win here though as he just got the belt.

Mike’s Prediction: Ryback
Grey’s Prediction: Ryback
Josh’s Prediction: Ryback

Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns



Mike: With all the talk about family, I can only see this going one of two ways, both resulting in Wyatt wins.

  1. One of the former Shield teammates goes heel and screws over his partner, joining the Wyatts as their new third member.

  2. Erick Rowan returns to reunite the Wyatts.  That means there would probably be a three on three rematch next month.  Maybe Rollins is the 3rd?  I know it sounds a little crazy, but stranger things have happened in the WWE.  Either way, I predict a Wyatt win.

Josh: Ha, this will be fun as hell. The Shield vs Wyatts matches always are. Harper will kick some heads off, Ambrose will be Ambrose, Bray and Reigns will beat each other up, and...there will invariably be some screwery. Probably Reigns turning on Ambrose. I am too damn entertained though by the thought of Rollins reuniting with Shield. He is the annoying little brother no one wanted to be around, but what are you gonna do?

Grey: I go with the Wyatt’s to keep their momentum going. Ambrose and Reigns can take the loss without getting hurt, but the rebuilding of the Family is going to take victories and not just promos.

Mike’s Prediction: Wyatts
Josh’s Prediction: Wyatts
Grey’s Prediction: Wyatts

Prime Time Players (c) Vs New Day vs Los Matadores vs Lucha Dragons for Tag Titles



Mike: Not sure why they are even bothering including Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons into this one.  Not really knocking them, they just aren’t quite on the same level as the Prime Time Players and New Day.  Both of those teams have been doing a great job winning the crowds over for (or against) them.  Really impressed with how much they have improved in such a short period of time.  Hopefully they will keep the momentum going.

As for my prediction, I hate picking a team to lose just a month after winning the title, so I am thinking the PTP keep the belts.

Grey: Too many teams, I am not pleased. I say the PTP retains just because a title change in this much of a clusterf*** will be meaningless.

Josh: The best part of the match will be Xavier Woods going insane at ringside. That guy is incredible. As for the match itself, yeah, I don’t see PTP losing it this soon after winning it...well, now that I think that over, that’s totally the kind of thing WWE would do. Still.

Mike’s Predictions: Prime Time Players
Josh’s Prediction: Prime Time Players
Grey’s Prediction: Prime Time Players

Stephen Amell/Neville vs Cosmic Kings (Stardust and King Barrett)



Mike: Celebrities never lose in the WWE.  At least not that I can Amell will probably end up pinning King Barrett.  I am actually really looking forward to this match, to be honest.  Also, I love that Stardust and King Barrett are teaming up.  The two of them were absolutely hilarious together on THE JBL & COLE SHOW.  

Josh: I feel like Amell is one of those guys who will turn it up to eleven in the ring. Barrett is the odd man out here, since he was jobbing to R-Truth of all people a few months back. As was said, he brings very little to this match except to eat yet another pin. Which doesn’t exactly blow off the whole Amell vs Stardust thing…

Grey: Amell is a one shot, he’s getting the win. Barrett will take the pinfall, and the Stardust/Neville feud will continue.

Mike’s Prediction: Team Arrow
Josh’s Prediction: Team Arrow
Grey’s Prediction: Team Arrow

Kevin Owens Vs Cesaro



Mike: I know they want to keep Owens fresh in people’s minds, but they should have given him the night off.  I am predicting the ladder match at NXT TAKEOVER BROOKLYN is going to be brutal.  I don’t know if he’s going to have much left for this match.  But, it should still be a very good match...just not sure if Owens will be able to have the great match with Cesaro that he could have.  But I think Owens will take this one.  

Josh: Owens sure fell into the gaping maw of the Cena Monster, didn’t he? All the momentum in the world, looking like the next huge thing in WWE, and now I have no idea if he’ll get out of this feud in one piece. The match itself will probably be really neat, but still. It seems time for Cesaro’s yearly “We remembered you’re actually pretty good” run though, so unfortunately I don’t know if Owens will turn it around here either.    

Grey: I’ve got Cesaro going over in what will be an instant classic if they’re given over fifteen minutes. Then we’ll get Owens saying it only happened that way because he went through hell with Balor the night before. I give these guys at least through Night of Champions, possibly Hell in a Cell.    

Mike’s Prediction: Kevin Owens
Josh’s Prediction: Cesaro
Grey’s Prediction: Cesaro

Team Bella Vs Team BAD vs PCB - Three team elimination match



Mike: I expect this will be a real good match.  The women all seem to be putting in top notch efforts lately.  The new blood has really done wonders.  Not sure if a faction war was the best way to go, but it’s still be entertaining and producing much better matches than I am used to from the women’s division.  Team PCB are three of my favorite wrestlers...male or I am giving them the pick here.  

Grey: My bias is to PCB, but I almost feel like Team BAD could win it. I’ll stick with PCB though. The Bella Army is just...I kinda like having them lose more and more, because it’s finally putting much needed chinks in Nikki’s Boob Armor.

Josh: I’m torn here between the fact that they seem to be pushing Sasha Banks as a complete destroyer, and the feeling that the bottom will fall out of all of this soon and Nikki Bella will beat her cleanly. When in doubt, I can’t bet against WWE being really, really dumb.

Mike’s Prediction: PCB
Josh’s Prediction: Team Bella
Grey’s Prediction: PCB

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev



Mike: Seems odd that this match took so long to happen.  Ziggler was off filming a movie, and that basically left Rusev in limbo. Fun fact, Ziggler actually beat Rusev in NXT.  Until he ran into the Cena Wall, it was the only loss he ever had on NXT and WWE TV, as far as  I know.  I hope the WWE brings this up.  The problem with this match is that Cena lost too many times to Cena.  He needs a big win here.  Though I guess they can have Lana interfere to screw him over.  That way he can lose and still look strong.  Yeah, I think that is my pick.

Josh: Rusev has somehow become the best part of Raw every week. I can’t bring myself to care about Ziggler at all, though he’s just now making his return so it isn’t very likely he loses here. The real loser is the audience, as it will not get to behold the glory of Rusev Flag.

Grey: Ziggler just for the sake of him doing something. Dude has been gone for ages.

Mike’s prediction - Dolph Ziggler
Josh’s Prediction - It is a fish. Take the fish....I mean Ziggler
Grey’s Prediction - Ziggler



Best in Our World: WWE Network (or “How to get your $9.99 worth?) Part 2

Mike: Last week, we talked about some of the best PPV’s on the Network. This week, I wanted to take a little about some of my favorite shows on the WWE Network.

  • Legends of Wrestling - These shows were part of WWE Classics on Demand.  They are just conversations with four wrestling icons (and moderated by Jim Ross or Gene Okerland, both icons in their own right) talking about different topics around wrestling.  The shows are insightful and really entertaining.  Often the guys involved will end off just telling insider stories.  Some of my favorite moments involve Eric Bischoff giving a different perspective of the Monday Night Wars than you usually here on WWE programming.  

  • Monday Night Wars - While this show does seem biased towards the WWE some (the winner gets to write history after all), I still thought all in all, it was a fair and honest look at what is the most important time in wrestling history.  It is extremely thorough and gives a lot of context for many things WWE and WCW were doing in the late 90’s.

Grey: I have a few major problems with Monday Night Wars, and oddly enough, none of them are the bias. They reuse the same material repeatedly, which drives me absolutely insane, and the reason for why is worse. When they pitched it, I was expecting a timeline documentary that went from beginning to end. Not a bunch of one-shot mini documentaries with a new focus every week. It was a great idea, but the lack of focus led to them covering the same shit with the same footage on repeat.

Countdown you’d think would have that problem, but they always seem to find different footage for different episodes. I miss that show. The List is also a favorite of mine, though part of me thinks it’s just the replacement for Countdown.

There is not nearly enough first run content on there yet, they really need to get on that.

Josh: Legends of Wrestling is pretty awesome and I wish there were more episodes of it. Swerved should be more fun than it is, but I don’t give a damn about toilet humor and they seem to love it. Still amusing though. If the Stone Cold Podcasts count, those are pretty much the best things ever. I loved Austin just staring at Paige like she was completely insane...which she might be.

Mike: Countdown is another show that I love, but like Wrestlemania Rewind, they just don’t do enough episodes.  I know the Network is only $10, and for that, you get new episodes of NXT and the PPV’s every month, but I enjoy some of the original programming too.  I  would rather more Countdown and Wrestlemania Rewind than the stupid show with Jerry Springer.  And I have no interest in Tough Enough.

Renee Young and Corey Graves’ new shows are both decent, but I only watch them when they have a guest or a topic that interests me.  

Grey: I don’t know which is worse. Swerved or the Jerry show. I mean, the Jerry show had potential, but then they just started covering the same old crap instead of using it to push Wrestlecrap.

Hey, how about a Wrestlecrap show?

NXT Results - August 19, 2015 by Josh Pollard

- Last week, Finn Balor defeats Marcus Louis but is ambushed by Kevin Owens. Owens tries to powerbomb Balor onto the ring apron, Balor escapes, and an ensuing fight ends with Owens hitting the Popup Powerbomb on Balor. Owens mocks Balor with the NXT title. Bayley defeats Becky Lynch to become number one contender for the Women’s title.

- William Regal presides over the contract signing for the Women’s Title match between Bayley and Sasha Banks at Takeover. Bayley predicts the inevitable contract signing attack from Sasha, but Sasha declares that she isn’t worth it. After a verbal thrashing from Sasha, Bayley attacks her instead.

- A promo package airs for Apollo Crews.

- Tyler Breeze (from his seasonal residence in Cairo, Egypt) defeats...someone (Ryzin?) in very short order with the Supermodel Kick. Commentary never even mentioned the guy’s name. Afterwards, Breeze puts a Jushin Liger mask on the knocked out Someone’s head, cuts a one-sided interview with him, then hits a Beauty Shot and pins him again.

- Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley, Enzo and Big Cass defeat Someone, Someone, Someone and Someone (commentary again doesn’t mention their names) in an eight man tag match via Enzo Launcher to Someone. Backstage, Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Dash and Dawson are interviewed. The Ready, Willing and Gable catchphrase is very reluctantly muttered by the team.

- Samoa Joe defeats Steve Cutler via Coquina Clutch. Cutler tries punches, Joe throws him, Coquina Clutch, match over. Heading up the ramp, Joe is attacked by Baron Corbin, who beats him off of the ramp, all the way back to the ring and hits End of Days.

-  Workout promo from Bull Dempsey. Lifting weights! Dramatic music! Returns next week! Woo.

- Blake and Murphy defeat Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton via suplex/frogsplash to Fulton. Probably the closest thing to an actual match on the show. Afterwards, the Vaudevillains come out to speak, but can’t get a word in due to repeated Alexa Bliss slapping.

- Kevin Owens promos in the ring with a ladder...or tries to, but a “Brooklyn Sucks” chant breaks out at the mention of Takeover happening there. Owens cuts that off to point out the audience’s hypocrisy in cheering for him, but booing if he’s fighting someone like Sami Zayn. Then he invokes the name of John Cena (boo!), invokes beating John Cena (yay!) and declares them all the John Cena of wrestling fans as nothing genuine ever comes out of their mouths. That’s just low. He points out the Full Sail crowd booing the upcoming Takeover happening in Brooklyn, and that the crowd is a bunch of babies for wishing ill on an NXT show because it isn’t in their backyard, and...well, he isn’t wrong here. I can’t do justice to the epic of this promo. Owens declares that he needs the title to shove into the crowd’s face, to prove that Japan was a fluke and that he’s better than Finn Balor. Owens climbs the ladder, but Finn Balor’s music hits, Balor appears on the turnbuckles. After a brief fight, Owens bails, Balor promises to kick his ass and shut his mouth.  

Mike: Thanks Josh for doing the recap.  I actually wasn’t sure I would even get to watch NXT this week.  Got a lot going on this weekend.  But, I actually did squeeze it in late last night while folding laundry.

This shows was even more squashtastic than usual, and I didn’t quite think that was even possible!  Like Josh said, there was only one real match the entire night...and even that was mostly a squash.  Though I did think Sawyer Fulton got some great offense in.

Really this show was just purely being used to promote NXT Brooklyn.  The highlights of the night were Owens and Sasha Banks both realizing “Hey, we can get atomic heat if we keep antagonizing the crowd about the show being in Brooklyn, not Full Sail.”  And the crowd chanting “Fall, Owens, Fall” when Owens was mocking them from on tap of the ladder.

NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results - 8/22/15

Mike: I am typing these results as they happen.  Also live tweeting the show.

  • The show starts with Triple H standing in the ring.  He talks about NXT building momentum over the last few years and the fans making it a revolution.  Actually this was a real good promo.  Short.  I was expecting it to be thirty minutes.  

  • Is this a WWE show?? NO hash tag on the top of the screen??  Amazing, the first time I want to live Tweet NXT, and no hash tag. Ah there it is.   #NXTTakeover

  • Tyler Breeze starts the show with a great New York themed entrance  Models dressed as taxis. The Statue of Liberty.  The Empire State Building.  

  • Jushin Thunder Liger comes out.  His theme sounds like a 80’s video game.  Kind of awesome ever.

  • Some great back and forth in this match.  Liger showing off his submission skills.  I also loved him taunting Tyler Breeze by mimicking his taunts.  Liger has a ton of personality here.

  • We got a “Liger’s gorgeous” chant!  

  • You know...Liger sort of reminds me of looking at a Power Ranger.  A now a somersault plancha!  That dude is 50 years old!  Holy crap!!

  • Jushin Liger def. Tyler Breeze with a Running Liger Bomb

  • Kind of bummed they had Tyler lose that match, but I predicted that.  WWE loves having their guest stars or part timers beat their established talent.  

  • We see Nash, Hall, and X-Pac in the crowd

  • Backstage, Becky and Charlotte are hugging Becky and wishing her well in her NXT Woman’s Title match tonight.

  • VIdeo promo for Nia Jax, a female wrestler making her debut soon.  Kind of creepy actually!

  • Love the top hats for the manliest team in NXT: The Vaudevillians!  

  • Here comes Blake and Murphy.  And Alexa Bliss, their not-so-secret weapon.  Alexa cuts a promo before the match taunting them for not being able to find someone to help them.   Crowd is chanting for Blue Pants.  AND HERE SHE COMES!!!

  • Simon Gotch has some of the craziest looking offense I’ve ever seen.  I want to see him wrestle Dean Ambrose...And then Aiden English with some Steamboat-deep Arm Drags.  

  • Wow, I had no idea Blake and Murphy have been champs for 200 days.  It feels like it’s been much shorter than that.

  • Real solid match here.  Kind of typical tag team fare, but still good.  Heels dominate a big chunk of the match.  Crowd trying to help pump Aiden English up to make the hot tag.    

  • Alexa tries to get involved.  Blue Pants chases her down and gives her a beating.

  • The Vaudevillians def. Blake and Murphy with the Whirling Dervish.  NEW TAG CHAMPS!!

  • So glad that they finally gave the titles to the Vaudevillians!  This has been a long time coming!

  • Uhm...did they just air a commercial telling people to subscribe to WWE Network and get a free are they watching this if they are not already subscribers??

  • We see Neville rolling into town with Finn Balor.  Neville fought in the first NXT ladder match.  Cesaro is with them too!

  • Tye Dillinger!  I love this Perfect 10 gimmick!  It’s the perfect jobber gimmick.

  • Here comes Apollo Crews making his debut!  Really looking forward to this!

  • HOLY CRAP!  Crews can move like a madman!  This guy is incredible!!

  • I am really glad they are giving these guys some time to show what they can do.  Smart to put BOTH GUYS OVER, and not just a lame squash.  NXT has been doing too many squash matches lately and that doesn’t benefit either wrestler.  

  • Apollo Crews def. Tye Dillinger with a gorilla press followed by a standing moonsault.  Ridiculous height on that moonsault!

  • NXT General Manager William Regal addresses the audience.  He announces the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic starting on the September 2, and will have finales at the next NXT Takeover show in October.

  • Tough Enough Finalists are in the crowd.  I have no idea who any of these people are…

  • Samoa Joe Vs Baron Corbin up next.  Great timing, I could use a bio break…

  • Oh good.  And a lengthy promo video before the match.  

  • This match has been better than I expected so far.  It’s been a real physical match-up, at least.  Samoa Joe does some nasty looking submission moves.  Not quite as flashy as Jushin Liger’s earlier in the night, but they look painful at least.  

  • Samoa Joe has been dominating this match!  I actually think this is BETTER for Baron Corbin’s career than him winning in five seconds every time.  It shows me that this guy actually can work a real match.  I am actually glad this match far exceeded my expectations.  Now I feel bad for the pee break comment.  

  • That was one ugly suplex by Baron Corbin…

  • Corbin goes for the End of Days.  Reversal into the Cochina Clutch.  Corbin escapes.  Double chokeslam by Corbin.  Samoa Joe somehow reversed that into the Cochina Clutch again.  Awesome sequence.  And that’s the win!

  • Samoa Joe def. Baron Corbin via submission with the Cochina Clutch

  • I will always admit when I am wrong.  I was really expecting to hate this match, but these guys managed to put on a terrific match.  

  • Kanna, Ric Flair, and Sgt Slaughter are there.  And the rest of Team B.A.D. are there to support Sasha Banks.

  • Stephanie McMahon comes out.  She announces the attendance.  She hypes up NXT.  She basically says exactly what her husband did an hour and ten minutes ago.  She hypes the Divas Revolution on Raw, and says that it started here at NXT.  She introduces the NXT Woman’s Title Match as the co-main event tonight.  

  • Bayley is out first to a huge reaction from the crowd.  She’s wearing a yellow polka dot headband in tribute to Dusty Rhodes.

  • Sasha Banks comes out in an Escalade with some massive bodyguards.  They even carried her into the ring.  Like a boss!

  • Bayley come out all guns firing.  She’s looking to prove she belongs at the top of the Women’s Division and will rip through Sasha to get there.

  • Sasha back in control after a brutal kick to the knee taking Bayley off the turnbuckle.  

  • Nice work by the commentators talking about the parallels between these two women and how Sasha didn’t finally get over until she embraced being “the Boss.”  Nice to see them helping tell this great story.  

  • Sasha hitting her double knee drop with Bayley on the top rope looked brutal!  

  • Sasha seems to have an answer for everything Bayley is throwing at her.  Sasha goes for her injured hand!  More great storytelling!

  • Sasha leaps over the referee to hit a plancha!  The crowd is going nuts here!

  • It’s “only” been ten minutes so far, but these women look like they have been through hell.  Incredible match!

  • Sasha manages to hit the Bank Statement out of nowhere, but Bayley manages to drag herself to the bottom rope and flip it over to lock it on herself.  Sasha was forced to dragged herself to the ropes too.  

  • Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly Suplex, but Sasha kicks out.  Bayley puts her up on the top rope...but Sasha fights her way out.  Bayley with a running forearm and then goes for a top rope hurricarana, but Sasha shoves her off in mid air.  Oh my god, did Bayley die?  Sasha comes down with knees off the top rope, but Bayley kicks out now!  THAT WAS AN INSANE SEQUENCE!


  • Bayley def. Sasha with Bayley to Belly.  NEW CHAMPION!

  • NXT Women never disappoint.  Another terrific match.  Assuming this show ends at 11, they gave this match more time than they are giving the main event. Especially since Finn’s entrance usually takes 5 minutes alone.  I don’t blame them.  It will be hard for even Finn Balor and Kevin Owens to top this one.

  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch come down to congratulate her!  Sasha joins in a massive hug.  The Four Horsewomen all together!  I don’t think I have ever heard them use that name for them on NXT TV.  Wonder what Ronda Rousey thinks about that.  

  • Seth Rollins is here! The first NXT champion.  

  • In December, NXT will be doing a London Takeover.  I wasn’t paying attention when Triple H said that earlier.   Does this mean we have NXT Takeovers in August, October, and December?  That might be a little much…

  • 13 minutes until 11 PM...and now a hype video.  They have to be going long tonight or this will be the shortest ladder match in history.  

  • Owens comes out first.  I actually forgot he wasn’t the champ…

  • And now here comes Finn.  Some creepy demonic chanting.  I really do love his entrances!  And now multiple Finns.  Holy crap!

  • Uhm...shouldn’t that title be hanging over the ring?  Did someone forget to tell the ring crew this was a ladder match?  

  • Ireland vs French Canada.  Really is a world title match…

  • Really interesting clash of styles and characters here.  These two guys look like they are from two very different worlds.  I love that.  

  • Yep, we’re running over tonight!  

  • I love the way Owens ad libs.  The crowd starts to do an impromptu Sami Zayn chant, and he mocks Sami’s shoulder injury.  This guy is such a natural heel.

  • This match reminds me of the Attitude Era.  Match going deep into the crowd and all over the ramp.  That doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as it used to.

  • I like the build up in this match.  They went without ladders for most of the beginning of the match, and then things started to get crazy and dangerous.  Maybe not the best ladder match I’ve ever seen, but definitely some great spots.  Owens cannonballing himself into a ladder looked insane.  Balor hits the Coup De Grace and starts to set up the ladder.


  • I’m glad they have given this match enough time.  I was really worried they were going to short change it, with would have been a huge mistake.  These guys both work long matches so well.  

  • Owens powerbombs Finn hard onto the ring apron, but Owens is down too.  Owens struggles back to his feet and sets the ladder up.  Balor’s back in the ring to knock him down.  Owens with a superkick.  Owens goes for a fisherman suplex off the top of the ladder onto another ladder, but Finn fights his way out of it. Finn knocks Owens off the ladder.  Owens fights his way back up.  Coup De Grace from the top of the ladder.  Balor gets the title!  

  • Balor def Kevin Owens in ladder match to retain NXT title