Little Known DC Character, Vixen, Premieres on CW Seed

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Today, in an effort to expand on it's DC properties, CW is offering an animated mini-series set in the world of their live action properties (ARROW and THE FLASH) titled:


Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell will both lend their voices to the animated versions of their live action counterparts. The show will introduce Megalyn Echikunwoke as the voice of the title character, to the universe DC is building on television.

Criticized for not merging their cinematic universe with television, like Marvel has done, DC is building an expansive world on the small screen. VIXEN brings the total to 4 current shows, with 3 more yet to debut: SUPERGIRL (CBS), LEGENDS of TOMORROW (CW) and TEEN TITANS (TNT).

Airing esclusively on CW Seed, VIXEN will will be a series of six, 5 minute shorts. You can access it by downloading their app, or by visiting the website. For an introduction to the character, DC Entertainment has offered a brief video explaining who she is:

Head on over to CW Seed to watch the first episode.