Critical Breakfast: Iron Maiden, Mark Millar and a Contest!

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It’s a new week, which should have some exciting new stories dropping in your timelines. But with busy schedules and Labor Day on the horizon, it’s possible you missed something from last week. Let’s take a look at some of the news, opinions and reviews that you may have missed. Grab your morning coffee and enjoy your…

Critical Breakfast!

Forget about the Evil that Men Do, British heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, paid tribute to the unlikeliest of celebrities.

The future of comic books hangs in the balance! Not really, but we’ll give you a glimpse of what the future holds with critical looks at both Marvel and DC’s November solicits.

Did you hear? Vixen premiered on CW Seed this week! You know Arrow and Atom, The Flash and Vixen...wait that sounds like a holiday song. So what’s this Vixen all about? Don’t worry, we'll clue you in!

Are you into tabletop games? Well this game has only been out for a year and it’s shooting to the top of sales charts. But it didn’t happen without some obstacles. Find out why Dice Masters by WizKids is taking the gaming nation by storm!

Mark Millar joined us to talk about his newest project CHRONONAUTS! He gives us some insight on time-travel, superheroes and breaking news on the next Millarworld movie adaption!

Now that you’re all caught up, check out our latest contest! Everyone loves getting free stuff right? Fill out the entry form and be entered to win a free MAD MAX: FURY ROAD t-shirt!