Cheap Pops Breaking News! Sasha/Bayley will main event next NXT Takeover

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Late last night, WWE made the following announcement on their Instragram feed:

Just Announced for the MAIN EVENT of #NXTTakeOver@itsmebayleywill defend the @wwenxt Women's Championship against @sashabankswwein a 30 minute Iron Man match!

This is incredible news!  The NXT's Women's Division has deserved to main event the last few NXT TAKEOVERS, and it will finally happen!  This will be going down on October 7, a few days before my birthday. This must be WWE's gift to me.  THANKS!

My favorite part of this announcement is the huge smile on William Regal's face.  You can tell how proud he is of Sasha Banks and Bayley.  They are going to tear the house down on October 7!