The 5 Most Anticipated Shows of the 2015 Fall Season

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With television premieres starting this week, let's take a look at the top 5 most anticipated shows for the 2015 Fall season. With two returning series, and three new ones, I've compiled a list that's diverse in both genre and network.



The Muppets - ABC (premieres 9/22 8:00 pm)

A long standing tradition of guest stars and cameo appearances, there will be no shortage of them here. ABC will have a strong cast, to pull from their lineup, to add to the comedy of this docu-comedy. Shot as a parody of 'The Office', this show is a can't miss. I haven't seen a bad promo yet for this show, as a matter of fact every promo has been brilliant! The fan-base spans generations which makes for a large target audience. Ratings will be easily attainable, as long as the humor is sharp and witty.

Supergirl - CBS (premieres 10/26 8:30 pm)

Comic book properties on television have now become standard primetime viewing for many of our readers. With shows like Arrow, The Flash and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bringing in solid ratings, CBS has taken a leap of faith with a show about the maid of might. The leaked pilot has provided a lot of positive buzz for this show. With a female lead as charming as Melissa Benoist and a time slot that should get carry over from The Big Bang Theory, it won’t surprise us if it becomes an instant hit. Unfortunately it’ll be going up against GOTHAM, which turned in a solid first season. It will have to find a good balance between story and action to maintain viewership over the course of a season.


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The Goldberg’s - ABC (premieres 9/23 8:30 pm)

This year is being touted as the third season, but when the Goldberg’s debuted last Fall, they took the comedy world by storm. Charming us with 80’s nostalgia and actual footage of the director’s childhood, viewers found themselves tuning in to find out what part of their youth they would reminisce about next. Clever and funny with a decade full of material to draw from, The Goldberg’s is sure to continue its hot run.

The Big Bang Theory - CBS (premieres 9/21 8:00 pm)

Big changes are coming to the dynamic of this show, as Penny and Leonard are expected to finally ‘tie the knot’. Meanwhile we last left Sheldon alone in his apartment after having been dumped by Amy Fowler. Even though we’re most likely to be bombarded with promos for Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory will no doubt win ratings and have a successful 9th season.


Heroes Reborn - NBC (premieres 9/24 8:00 pm)

With the popularity of superhero-themed television shows, NBC has decided to resurrect it’s popular show HEROES. With a few returning cast members, to help transition into a new generation of heroes, they hope to cash in on a pre-installed fanbase. Unfortunately the success of the original was due to the lack of options when it first aired. Heroes Reborn will have to fight hard to prove it’s a worthy addition to the superhero lineup. This show is intriguing as an established franchise. Whether or not it’s ‘cult-like’ following will hang around long enough to keep it running will be something to keep an eye on.