NFL: 'Not For Losers' Which 0-2 Team Makes the Playoffs?

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The NFL is all about parity. This year, however, it's full of 'have's' and 'have not's'. According to ESPN, since 1990, only 22 of the 160 teams to start 0-2 have made the playoffs. With a total of 9 teams still seeking their first win of the 2015 season, let's take a look to see which ones have the best chance of turning things around and marching, or in some cases stumbling, into the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens (AFC NORTH) - The AFC is loaded with talent this year and with so much competition, starting the season off 0-2 is sure to hurt their chances. Especially considering that they lost pro bowl LB, Terrell Suggs. Typically known for their stout defense, they have allowed the 2nd highest point total in the AFC through two weeks. With the Steelers offense looking unstoppable and the Bengals sitting on top of the division at 2-0, the division will come down to one of those two teams and odds are the other will earn a wild card berth. It's unlikely the Ravens can dig themselves out of this hole.

Indianapolis Colts (AFC SOUTH) - Not exactly the start many of their fans were expecting. Andrew Luck looks timid in the pocket as his O-Line seems to be breaking down. Frank Gore isn’t going anywhere as the holes he’s looking to hit are being clogged with defenders. Fortunately, there’s 14 games left to figure it out. The Colts may be 0-2, but they’re still only 1 game out of first place; an indictment of how bad their division is. There’s a good chance they sneak into the playoffs as a mediocre division winner.

Houston Texans (AFC SOUTH) - Going into the season did anyone expect the Houston Texans to be a playoff team? Their performance on HBO's Hard Knocks should be the only thing worth celebrating as many feel this was the best year of the show yet. While the Jaguars and Titans are currently tied for first in the division, the Colts are still the team to beat. The Texans should pack it in and work towards that high draft pick.

New Orleans Saints (NFC SOUTH) - In a division that holds to undefeated teams, through week 2, it will be very difficult for the Saints to climb to the top. The Falcons look very good under Dan Quinn and the Panthers defense has yielded the least amount of points in the NFC (26). After trading away Jimmy Graham to the Seahawks, everyone knew the Saints offense would take a hit; this team isn't playoff bound unless they can score points. And with news of Drew Brees missing time with a shoulder injury, their season may officially be done.

Detroit Lions (NFC NORTH) - In a division that the Green Bay Packers may have already locked up after 2 weeks, the Lions will most likely be fighting for a wild card berth. Thankfully for them, the Bears are in worse shape and the Vikings aren't exactly world beaters. Being a mediocre team in a bad division could help them pick up some wins and with most of the NFC reeling, it's not impossible to think the Lions could sneak in with a 9-7 record. But with Stafford's status unclear for their week 3 matchup, a third consecutive loss would send their post-season hopes spiraling downward.

Chicago Bears (NFC NORTH) - So far the Bears have given up the most points (79) in the entire NFL. With a starting QB that everybody, except Mr. and Mrs. Cutler, has lost confidence in, it's hard to imagine this team going anywhere. Stumbling out of the gate just takes the edge off of not knowing what to expect. While Cutler's injury may be a blessing in disguise, it's not likely to improve their chances with a defense that couldn't stop the Cubs. Don't expect to see 'Da Bears in the playoffs in 2015.

New York Giants (NFC EAST) - A team that has a 2-time Super Bowl winning, $84 million QB throwing to an insanely gifted, one-handed catching WR wasn't expecting to start off 0-2. However, they can't be counted out just yet. Given the fact that 2-0 Dallas Cowboys are without their QB/WR combo for the next 6-8 weeks, the Giants are in a division where the first 2 weeks of the season are now null and void. The Redskins may have found lightning in a bottle with Kirk Cousins, but it's not likely to be sustainable. The Giants have the pedigree to make a run at a division that can be won with a 10-6 record.

Philadelphia Eagles (NFC EAST) - Before the season started, many experts (including Vegas) got on the the Eagles 'hype-train'. And like a baby bird leaving the nest, the Eagles plummeted to the ground. Chip Kelly enlisted the services of a solid North-South RB in Demarco Murray, but lost talent on the interior of his OL, forcing him to run plays that go East-West. Even though Byron Maxwell gets burned frequently, and doesn't appear to be worth the paper his checks are written on, the Eagles defense is still an unknown. If the Eagles can find a way to keep Bradford's jersey clean, holding penalties down and Murray running full-speed ahead, it's not crazy to think they can turn it around and finish 10-6 for the 3rd straight year. With a weak NFC, they could get to the playoffs as a division winner or a wild card contender.

Seattle Seahawks (NFC WEST) - After two weeks of no Kam Chancellor and no wins, I'm convinced that this is no coincidence. Only one other team has given up more points than the Seahawks and that's 'Da Bears. They are playing a game of chicken with their season by not giving in to Chancellor's demands for more money. With each loss, Chancellor continues to gain leverage and the Seahawks continue to watch their team spiral into the Pacific. They have the benefit of playing in a division that's still sorting itself out, and they do have champions on their team with a proven coach in Pete Carroll. It's hard to imagine this team missing the playoffs, but in a league with so much parity, and wallowing in the bottom of a tough division, it's possible they've outstayed their welcome.