New York Giants Doomsday Scenario Brings Ratings Boost for NFL Network

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CBS and NFL Network are reporting a 40% increase, in overnight ratings, from last year. The Giants entered the contest having lost their first two games of the season, holding hands with the Philadelphia Eagles at the bottom of the NFC East. A third loss, would have severely threatened the Giants chances at reaching the playoffs, before the end of September.

With a divisional matchup against the Washington Redskins, this game was a playoff game within itself. The Giants first loss came against the Cowboys and starting the year with two divisional losses would have all but eliminated them from contention. It's no surprise that football fans (Giants fans in particular) were locked into, what could be billed as, a mid-September elimination game. The game brought in an 11.9/20 household rating/share.

Thursday night matchups throughout the entire season were introduced in 2014. Last year's week 2 matchup featured a far less interesting Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons game, which only delivered a 8.5/15 rating/share.

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