Netflix Exclusive: The Mr Peabody and Sherman Show

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Following up on the 2014 hit movie MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN, Netflix has announced an all-new original series titled: THE MR PEABODY & SHERMAN SHOW. Adding to their growing list of original content, the show will debut on Friday, October 9th. This will be Dreamworks Animation Television's seventh show, quickly making them a leader in producing high-quality television series.

Netflix continues to provide content that sets them apart from cable providers and other digital subscription services. Adding to a growing list of kid-friendly shows such as SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED and DINOTRUX, Netflix has solidified itself as the leader in original digital content. Chris Parnell will lend his voice to Mr. Sherman, while Max Charles reprises his role from the movie as Sherman.

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The show will use a 'talk-show' format as our favorite animated time-travelers interview historical figures, such as George Washington and Edgar Allen Poe. Any show that seeks to trick children into learning about history is okay by me. Think of the silly lines, songs and jokes that kids have memorized from watching cartoons. Inject some real history into it and they'll suddenly have access to valuable information without even realizing it.

Here's a snippet from the press release:

This modern take on the animated classic pairing not only brings the characters to the 21st century, but places them in a setting not unlike the after-midnight talk shows of the 60s – but one for families to enjoy together.  Also in every episode, Peabody’s WABAC machine transports the talk show hosts and viewers on their Time Travel Adventures to the days of history’s most prominent figures, who are bent on accomplishing anything but what they’re known for – if not for a little help from Peabody.  Historical figures Mr. Peabody and Sherman visit in the first several episodes include Napoleon, Cleopatra, Mozart, and Marco Polo.  Peabody also uses the WABAC to bring important historical figures back to their modern day talk show set to bring history alive through hilarious segments and musical numbers.

With a comic pace that will keep audiences laughing at one ridiculous gag to the next, THE MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN SHOW takes a sideward look at both world history and television through comedy built for kids and their families.

Here's a look at their encounter with Cleopatra

The animation is reminiscant of the classic show that inspired the recent film. And while there's no shortage of crude humor to entertain today's youth, the history of the character remains in tact. I see far more value in the 'belching' if it helps keep children's interest while they are educated in the process.

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