Reveals Top Haunts of 2015

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FORT WORTH, Texas – Oct. 20, 2015 – has unveiled its 2015 list of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America. Advanced pyrotechnics, trained actors and superior use of technology highlight the attractions, which stretch from New Hampshire to as far west west as Arizona.

“This list represents haunts that have been extensively honored by their peers and the haunted attraction industry,” said Todd James, owner of the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Texas and industry veteran. “A lot of thought and research went into creating this list, which we hope will serve as a guide to haunted house lovers across the country.”

James notes that consumers are expected to spend about $7 billion this Halloween.

“It’s because haunted houses like the ones on this list are breaking new ground every year,” he commented. “People enjoy having the wits scared out of them and these haunts are delivering – big-time.”

The 2015 list includes:

  1. The 13th Gate (Baton Rouge, Louisianna)—The The 13th Gate takes patrons through 13 frightening themed indoor & (weather-permitting) outdoor areas, from crawling though a crematory oven and an old hearse to being lost in dark underground tunnels.

  2. Bennett’s Curse (Baltimore)—Bennett’s Curse features over 40,000 square feet and four attractions, including the Medieval Underworld, Inferno 3D, Sanctuary of Insanity and Legends of Halloween.

  3. Fear Farm (Phoenix, Arizona)—Patrons get more screams than they can handle. Fear Farm features Chainsaw Mayhem, the Undead, Mouth of Madness, Las Leyendas and the Bunker Invasion attractions.

  4. Nightmare on 13th (Salt Lake City)— Nightmare on 13th presents a new themed attraction each Halloween within its 36,000 square feet of terror. Professionally trained actors and hand-crafted costumes make the attraction a cut above.

  5. Erebus (Pontiac, Michigan)—Erebus Haunted Attraction holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest walk-through haunted attraction. The haunt leads its victims through four stories of unique and terrifying paths.

  6. The 13th Floor Haunted House (San Antonio)— The “legend” of the 13th floor is explored as patrons make their way through the Burial Ground  and The Void, where phantoms and apparitions roam.

  7. Spookyworld – Nightmare New England – (Litchfield, New Hampshire)— Spookyworld sits on a 40-acre property only 45 minutes from Boston, and offers five unique and terrifying attractions. One of the most memorable is a mile-long hayride from hell that brings you face to face with the horrors of the dark woods of New Hampshire.

  8. The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati)— The Dent Schoolhouse asks patrons to uncover the truth of over 30 students' deaths. The Dent School House was formerly an actual schoolhouse in Cincinnati.

  9. Spookywods (Archdale, North Carolina)— Three generations of adventure seekers flock to the beautiful 60-acre farm each year. A 1.5 mile long zip line tour, high ropes course, escape games and outdoor laser tag highlight the attraction.

  10. Nightmare On The Bayou (Houston)— Nightmare on the Bayou has been featured on the Travel Channel as one of America’s best haunts, and it is located creepily close to one of Houston’s oldest cemeteries.

  11. Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses (Ulster Park, New York)— Headless Horseman Haunted House offers a remarkable haunt experience that includes a haunted hayride, corn maze, and seven haunted houses and a sideshow magic and illusion show.

  12. The Bates Motel (Glen Mills, Pennsylvania)—The Haunted Hayride is located deep in a 200-year-old forest full of overgrown trees creating the ultimate dark trail. Combined with a digital custom soundtrack, pyrotechnics and continuous scares throughout the ride, the Bates Motel is as creepy as the movie version.

  13. Netherworld (Norcross, Georgia)— This top-notch haunted attraction near Atlanta features The Rotting and Vault 13 Unearthed attractions where patrons encounter everything from zombies to artificial intelligence in human form.