Marvel releases full Jessica Jones trailer

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After a series of really cool teasers, Marvel has finally released the first real trailer for Netflix's Jessica Jones:


This is a real good trailer.  David Tennant seems like he's going to be absolutely terrifying as "Purple Man."  And Krysten Ritter looks like she is going to be perfect as Jessica Jones.  That has to be a real tricky role to play.  Jessica is a character with great physical strength and a strong cynical shell, but inside, she's dealt with great trauma that continues to haunt her and effect her judgement.  Ritter seems to have all that down pat, and even if this quick trailer shows that she's going to be very different from anyone else we've seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Daredevil was really good, but I definitely am more looking forward to Jessica Jones.  Alias is one of my all-time favorite comic series, and this seems like a real good adaptation!