Cheap Pops - Wrestling News & Views - October 25, 2015

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Cheap Pops - October 25, 2015 by Chris Delloiacono, Mike Maillaro and Jeff Ritter

This week!

- Hell in the Cell Predictions

- Tyler Breeze Makes WWE debut

- Big Ryck retires!

- There is a new PWS Champion

Hell in the Cell Predictions

We'll probably be live tweeting Hell in a Cell tonight at:

Pre-Show: Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett    

Mike: And the prize for the most random match in the history of the WWE has to go to this match for the pre-show.  The sad part is all six of these guys can work a great match...hell, I’d rather see any of these guys wrestle an inflatable Godzilla than Undertaker Vs Brock...but they get dumped onto the pre-show in a match that just seems thrown together.  This is a match you air on the final show BEFORE a PPV to promote two or three singles match.  But, nah, we will just throw it on the Pre-Show and it will serve no purpose at all.  Other than dragging more guys into the mire that is Ziggler’s current storyline.  

I am going with the faces on this one...but everyone here deserves far better than this.

Chris: Apparently this match was added after Randy Orton got injured and had to get pulled from the scheduled bout where he was to team with Dean Ambrose against Braun Strowman and Luke Harper.  Hard to believe that Orton and Ambrose almost got relegated to the preshow.  Now of course, we get the "throw everyone that's doing nothing of value" in a six-man tag.  Matches like this serve no real purpose but we will see some good action.  Hell, better action than a lot of the main card stuff.  

That said, we are going to talk Tyler Breeze in a bit, so in short, I think "Prince Pretty" gets involved and costs the faces the match.

Mike: Unless Tyler’s going to beat Cena for the US title. That won’t happen, but man, that would be a hell of a way to make an impact.  Granted, it would just be a rehash of the Kevin Owens storyline, but I would have Tyler cheat his ass off to get the win.  He doesn’t need a clean win over Cena, just a win he can brag about for months.  

Jeff: Instead of calling these “Pre-Show matches, they should call them, “Creative Failed” matches. There’s no excuse for just throwing random wrestlers together just to fill a slot on the card at this level. Hell, do a battle royale for a shot at the IC Title or something. I think the faces win because there’s no booking reason for them not to.

Mike’s Prediction: Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville
Chris's Prediction: Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus
Jeff’s Prediction: Ziggler, Cesaro, and Neville


The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar    Hell in a Cell match

Mike: I think it would be beautiful symmetry if both Kane and Undertaker ended up retiring in the same night.  I have very little interest in this match.  Lesnar’s pretty much only function these days is doing suplex after suplex...and doing that to Undertaker is just needlessly cruel on his body.  And Taker can still work a match psychologically, but his body just can’t do what it used to.   I think Lesnar wins, and Taker goes out on his back like a legend should.

Chris: Why?  Why do we have to see these two go at it again?  Why?  Barring outside interference, I think Brock wins.

Mike, you nailed all the salient points, so I'll just ask again: Why?

Jeff: If they start laughing again...the horror...the horror...Seriously though, Mark Calloway has done it all. He’s a living legend. Please don’t die at the hands of a shaved silverback gorilla. You aren’t Mick Foley.

Mike’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar
Chris's Prediction: Brock Lesnar
Jeff’s Prediction: Brock Lesnar



Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt    Hell in a Cell match

Mike: This feud has been going on forever now, but for the most part, I think WWE has done a good job keeping it fresh, mixing in other wrestlers.  Ending the feud with one big Hell in the Cell between Reigns and Wyatt is pretty perfect.  Unfortunately, Bray has the same problem as Tyler Breeze, he pretty much always loses the big match.  A Hell in the Cell should be a one on one affair, but I expect a lot of overbooking on this one.  And in the end, Roman Reigns will probably win.   

Chris: I wouldn't put it past WWE to have outside interference in both Cell matches.  Totally ruins the gimmick, but Kay Fabe is dead, so what does it matter.  Reigns still never gets pinned, and like Mike said, Bray never wins the big one, so the Roman Empire will prevail!

Jeff: Not so fast, Mr. Met! I think Bray wins this one. I still don’t think Roman is over enough for the push he gets. And yes, there could be shenanigans, like The Family all hiding under the ring. Even if anyone came out to save Roman they couldn’t get in to help! It will be interesting to see how the WWE does this--I guess whichever HitC match goes first won’t have many crazy Foley spots. Otherwise the second one would be fought in a wreck of a cage.Kinda weakens the possibilities for the first match, doesn’t it?

Mike’s Prediction: Roman Reigns
Chris's Prediction: Roman Reigns
Jeff’s Prediction: Bray Wyatt


WWE Divas Championship: Charlotte (c)  vs. Nikki Bella


Mike: I am hoping this is a real short match and we never have to see the Bellas in the ring anymore after this.  Yeah, yeah. I know.  They are improving.  You know what, if they need to improve, put them in NXT.  This is the main roster, and “improving” talent should not be holding titles for lengthy Reign of Terror.  

It’s time to kick the Revolution to the next level, and that means longer matches with talented wrestlers like Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Paige, Emma, Summer Rae, Sasha Banks, and Natalya.  If we never see the Bellas in the ring again, it would go a long way towards restoring the reputation of the WOMEN’S (not DIvas...I hate that term) Division.  

Chris: I've defended the Bellas quite a bit the past few months--they have improved--but it's time for them to get depushed.  I desperately want to see the roster of ladies steal the spotlight from the main roster gents.  It's time for something different on Raw and Smackdown, and Becky, Charlotte, Sasha, Paige, and Natty can be the core that does it.  

This match, is just there to keep Charlotte's momentum going forward.  It won't do much else to raise expectations of the typical fan, but here's hoping something bigger is next for the Divas.

Jeff: Pretend I’m the Scarlet Witch. “No more Bellas.” Welcome to the House of NXT.

Mike’s Prediction: Charlotte
Chris's Prediction: Charlotte
Jeff’s Prediction: Charlotte


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kane    If Kane loses, Kane will be fired from being Director of Operations.


Mike: I give Kane a lot of credit for being able to make this current storyline with Kane having split personalities mostly work.  That’s sort of been the trademark of Kane’s career.  WWE has an idea that sounds kind of terrible on paper.  Then dump it on Kane, and he really makes it work.  I have to give him some credit for that.

BUT, at the same time, Kane doesn’t belong anywhere near the title picture these days.  It doesn’t do Kane, Rollins, or the WWE title any big favors to have this match. Hell, they didn’t even bother putting this match in Hell in the Cell.  It is like when Daniel Bryan fought Kane earlier this year.  A feud that just did no one any good.

There is basically no way WWE is putting the title on Kane.  I’m not a fan of “Thank You” title runs.  Kane loses, and maybe heads off into the sunset.

Chris:  A feud with Kane for the big strap is just marking time until a legitimate contender gets involved.  This has been slightly more amusing than it should have been, but I just don't want to sit through this match or see any more of this nonsense.  Seth Rollins has been a horrible "face of the company" and this ridiculous feud exemplifies why.  Seth has been upstaged, outclassed, made to look like a fool, or involved with nonsense his entire reign.  He's one of the most talented men in the company but the last six months have been dreck because he hasn't been allowed to be a compelling champ.

Case in point, where's this match rate in importance on the card?  3rd or maybe 4th from the top!  That's stunning.  It's time to hot shot the title around for a bit and do something to catch people's interest.

Mike: It’s like when Punk was champ….the Title was pretty much never the main event match.   That is insane to me.  It really takes away from the prestige of the title to me.  If the WWE doesn’t trust their champ to headline the show, they probably shouldn’t make that guy champ.   This is why they can’t build stars anymore.  

Jeff: Mike speaks the truth. Treat the title and the champ like they’re the very best and people will learn to respect them even if they don’t like them. No coming out first either. I don’t care if he’s facing a surprise opponent in CM Punk, the heel reaction should be that much bigger for it. Oh, and Kane’s chance! No chance in Hell! (I’m agreeing with Mike far too often…)

Mike’s Prediction: Seth Rollins
Chris's Prediction: Not Kane, never Kane... My god, talk about a guy who doesn't win...EVER!
Jeff’s Prediction: Seth Rollins


WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day(c) vs. The Dudley Boyz


Chris: I think it's time for the Dudleyz to get a run with the tag belts.  On the other hand, this feud has been a hoot, and I'm sure it will still have legs.  Maybe they do the traditional Survivor Series match with these guys involved next month.  Then I foresee a TLC Match in December.  Right?  They've got to do that!  Anyway, I still think the Dudz get the titles.

Mike: New Day Sucks!  New Day Sucks!  This feud has been awesome.  BUT, New Day needs to fight their true archnemesis. TEAM BAD!

Yeah, I think it’s time for the Dudleyz to take the straps too.  I love both of these teams and definitely want to see them continue to feud, and it should definitely end at TLC. That is where the Dudleyz made their name in WWE.

Jeff: I think Bubba Ray dropped a big hint this week when he said he could even the odds with just one phone call. Team 3-D might just be back to being a trio if SPIKE DUDLEY returns! I think it’s a good possibility. Never underestimate New Day’s ability to snatch victory from the jaws of certain defeat though. I’m going Dudleys, but it’s no stone cold lead pipe lock. PS: ESPN Radio in St. Louis dropped Mike & Mike in the Morning in favor of our atrociously bad Post Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz, king of dead air and shout-outs to all of his friends. He’s the phoniest sports reporter you’ll find in this part of the galaxy. It’s not like St. louis needs 14 straight hours of “Why didn’t the Cardinals beat the Cubs?” every damn day. BRING BACK MIKE & MIKE! Ahem...where are the rest of the tag teams lately, anyway?

Chris's Prediction: Dudley Boyz
Mike's Prediction: Dudley Boyz
Jeff's Prediction: Dudley Boyz


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback    


Chris: I can't see Ryback getting another run with the IC title, so Owens retains here.  They had a pretty good match last month, and I'm sure this will be okay, but I hoped for so much more for Kevin Owens than this!  This is midcard hell if I've ever seen it.

Mike: Totally agree with Chris’s assessment.  Ryback probably won’t win the title.  And Owens deserves far better.  It’s kind of sad that the IC title has basically become worthless.  Nuff Said!  

Jeff: Ugh. ‘Nuff said.

Chris's Prediction: Kevin Owens
Mike's Prediction: Kevin Owens
Jeff's Prediction: Kevin Owens


Open challenge for the WWE United States Championship: John Cena (c) vs. TBD


Mike: I am always hoping for the WWE to surprise me.  So, I am going out in left field for my prediction.  John Cena makes his open challenge...and Daniel Bryan comes down to accept it.  Bryan beats Cena, claiming the US title...sort of like when he claimed the IC title just before he went out with injuries again.  I know this is basically totally fantasy booking, but I’m okay with that.

Chris: For nearly two years WWE has been without CM Punk and most of that time Daniel Bryan.  The product has never recovered from their loss.  There are men like Cesaro, Ziggler, and Ambrose that could have caught fire naturally like Punk and Bryan.  Each of those guys picked up momentum with the crowds but they've been held back from that grassroots connection.  I don't know if any would have risen to the heights that Bryan and Punk did, but it would have been nice if WWE didn't hold them back.

I so want you to be right, but I just don't see it.  I'll go with Ambrose here, because Cena is apparently disappearing for a while, and he makes sense to get a push in Johnboy's absence.  Nothing too extreme mind.  WWE wouldn't want Ambrose to become a huge draw or anything.

Mike: Ambrose could be awesome with the US Title, as long as they continue to build this title like they have done over Cena.  The open challenge has done a lot to increase the visibility of the US title.  And Dean was the US champ last year.  I completely forgot that.  Hopefully he will actually defend it this time!

Jeff: “Who’s it gonna be, Cole?”


” think you’re untouchable? WORD LIFE! This is basic thuganomics!”

“Oh my God! It’s...John Cena!”

Yep. The only guy Cena will put over is Cena. So while Cena takes a break for a little while Cena will hold on to the title, because you can’t see him anyway. And you can’t...teach...that!

Mike’s Prediction: Daniel Bryan
Chris's Prediction: Dean Ambrose
Jeff's Prediction: John Cena

Tyler Breeze makes his debut on Smackdown

Mike: As we’ve all said many times, we’re big fans of Tyler Breeze here in Cheap Pops.  He seems to always lose the big matches at NXT, but there is a lot of talent there. I had been hearing rumors all week that he was about to jump to the main roster.  Last night (I am typing this on Wednesday morning), he made his debut at the Smackdown tapings, teaming up with Summer.   

While my friend Josh is very excited about the “Summer Breeze” connection, I think it’s a bad idea to drop him into the mire that has been Dolph Ziggler’s “love life” the last few weeks.  I am a huge fan of Ziggler, and this storyline seems like it will destroy everyone involved.  I do think Ziggler Vs Breeze could be a great feud, but maybe not in this context.


Chris: At least we get someone new on the main roster, but in this spot?  Oh boy!  Tyler Breeze wasn't doing much in NXT, so it will be nice to see if he can catch fire on the main roster.  The matches should be a blast but the Total Divas type melodrama will make this feud unwatchable.  Maybe something interesting will come out of it, but it will probably be more of the same old.

Jeff: I freely admit I don’t watch the WWE main shows because I cut the cord. I have to wonder how much cross-promotion they do between WWE and NXT. When they showed the crowd as Prince Pretty’s music hit, anyone wearing an NXT shirt lost their minds, and everyone else was like, “Is it Adam Rose?” Here’s what they need to do: let him wrestle. He talks fine, but he’ll get over on his ring work. Keep the chatter to a minimum, give him time to show off his repertoire and get his character overin-ring by pausing for selfies, fixing the hair, etc.He’ll be fine. Incorporate the main roster’s gabfest tendencies slowly and in a couple of years you’ll have the new HBK.

Ezekiel Jackson Announces Retirement

Mike: According to Lords of Pain:  

- Former WWE Superstar Rycklon Stephens, who worked as Ezekiel Jackson in WWE, has reportedly retired from pro wrestling. Jackson wrestled a match for the wXw promotion in Germany this weekend and told the promoters it was the last match of his career.

Since this is the internet, I am sure most people’s initial reaction is the cliche “And nothing of value was lost.”  But I am going to have to disagree with that.  I got to meet him at WWE Axxess a few years ago, and even though he hadn’t been on WWE TV for a long time, he was a warm and friendly guy, and definitely cool with the fans.

I also think he’s been doing some great work on Lucha Underground as Big Ryck.  He had some great matches with Johnny Mundo (FKA John Morrison), and I loved his work with and against The Crew.   So, I hope he enjoys his retirement, and I’m just sad that he never got the appreciation he deserved.

Chris: I met him at the same time and you're right, what a genuinely cool guy.  I agree with you on the work he's done in Lucha as well.  He's not great in the ring, but he plays the menacing giant quite well.  On the bright side, representation for Jackson/Ryck/Rycklon has since come out to say that the big man is still accepting bookings.  I'd be very happy if this was all just bull crap, and we see Big Ryck back for Lucha season 2.  

Mike: That is real good news.  You know what, I am leaving this story here, just because Big Ryck doesn’t get nearly as many nice words as he deserves.  Hopefully he will come to a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show in the near future.  Big Ryck vs Fallah Bah would be awesome.

Habib from the Car Wash wins PWS Title

Mike: Pro Wrestling Syndicate was at their home base at the Rahway Recreation Center last night.  Sadly, Chris and I weren't able to go, but Ring Announcer David Adams posted on his Facebook feed that Habib from the Car Wash won the PWS title last night.  He first beat long time rival Matt Macintosh to become #1 Contender, and then beat Dan "The Bayonne Badass" Maff to win the title. Habib is pretty awesome, and a huge fan favorite.  Chris and I have both met Habib and he's a great guy!  Really glad to hear he's their champ!