Discussion Thread: Supergirl Takes Flight in a way Superman Cannot

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Last night debuted the second episode of Supergirl's maiden voyage and it continued to soar. SPOILER ALERT: Don't participate in the discussion unless you've seen the episode or don't care to have elements of the show spoiled!

Well, they finally said it.


While there were many references and mentions of the Man of Steel in last night's episode titled 'Stronger Together', it was primarily focused on Kara stepping out from his shadow. This episode gives us a reason why Supergirl's story can be told in a way her cousin's never can.


Over on the CW, THE ARROW and FLASH both use flashbacks as a storytelling element to help us gain some insight regarding the character's history with the current theme. In Supergirl's case, a flashback takes us back to Krypton. Her knowledge, gained from growing up on an alien world, will allow Kara to have first hand experience in understanding many of the aliens escaping from Ft Roz.

What were some of your favorite moments from episode 2 of SUPERGIRL?

  • Supergirl vs Oil Rig
  • Supergirl vs Aunt Astra
  • Alex vs Supergirl
  • Cat Grant vs James Olsen
  • Hank Henshaw's glowing red eyes?