5 Steps to Find Everything Wrong with Batman V Superman Trailer #2

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Here at Critical Blast, it's important that we offer ways to assist our community of fans. With the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer having been released, I'm here to offer sage advice to those who have nothing but contempt for movies made by Warner Bros., Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. movies by Zack Snyder.

Step 1: Be sure to check your Marvel fandom. If it's not at peak level, you may have trouble noticing the lack of your favorite characters.

Step 2: Watch a lot of cartoons before viewing. This will assist in helping your eyes contrast how 'dark' the movie will be.

Step 3: Consider every large, broad-shouldered CGI character ever created and find ways to compare it to DOOMSDAY.

Step 4: Make sure you pay close attention to how many (few?) times Wonder Woman shows up (Bonus: ignore that her moment is the highlight).

Step 5: Claim to be a fan of Superman and instead of paying attention, educate everyone on how Snyder screwed up the character.

Once you have completed this simple 5 step program, you are ready to bash the trailer and troll those who loved it.

While exposing yourself for the hater that you truly are.