Sharks in Your Mouth will Shred Your Senses

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Announcing on twitter that they've inked a deal with MYO Agency, the Nu-Metalcore band from Ancona, Italy, has released a lyrical video for a single off their debut album (with MYO).

The song, titled 'Say It To My Face', is an ear shattering, senses shredding, cocophany that will appeal to listeners who love it LOUD.

For the new single, Sharks in Your Mouth collaborated with Aaron Matts from the band Betraying the Martyrs. According to their facebook page (which is in Italian), the single is culled from the new album titled: PROMISES.

If your taste in music is head-thrashing, amp-blasting, hardcore metal, 'Say It To My Face' by Sharks in Your Mouth, will have you circling the cage hungry for more.

Currently, there is no release date available for PROMISES. You can follow them on Twitter for updates.