Best of 2015 Awards

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Critical Blast Best 2015 Awards

It's that time of year again -- time to take stock of last year's entertainment offerings and decide which was the best of the best (of the best, sir!) (Okay, who let Captain America in here?)

Last year Critical Blast let its readers choose the best among Movies, Television Shows, and Actors in each. This year, we've doubled our categories to include Novels and Comics (selecting the best Writer, Artist and Storyline) for the year.

We put forth nominees in each category (after much careful discussion, a few beers, and one chipped tooth), and presented those to you, our readers -- making sure we also let the readers nominate a write-in candidate that our staff, in its infinitessimal wisdom, might have overlooked.

So without the benefit of a drumroll, a ceremonial envelope, or even a distinguished academy of so-called experts and advisors...well, why don't we just let the images speak for themselves for right now. We'll have more detailed follow-up on each winning entry a little later on.