Review of WrestlePro Show on July 23, 2016 in Union

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WrestlePro Union NJ

I am sort of taking off from my Cheap Pops column for the summer, but I still wanted to post my thoughts on WrestlePro's July 23 show in Union.  This was an outdoor show, which marks the first time I can ever remember going to see a wrestling show outdoors.  

Another great WrestlePro show. Huge props to everyone who made the best of a real hot night (actually it wasn't that bad for the audience by the time the show started, but it still had to be brutal in the ring) and a shaky sound system. It still ended up being one hell of a show!

Lots of great matches. My pick for match of the night was probably the triple threat with Danny Maff, Matt Macintosh, and Chris Dickinson. This was a clash of three different styles, and it amounted to a really strong match with great spots and even some humor.

The two hardcore matches were terrific too. Fallah Bahh got a decisive victory over Chris Payne. I am real curious what was going on during the Bull James Vs Kevin Thorne match. Danny Maff rushed over looking pretty pissed during the match to say something to the ref, and the ref immediately got them back towards the ring (they had ended up in a nearby playground). The crowd absolutely loved that match though.

The tag match was also great, though I was kind of bummed to see Taboo Crew lose the titles. That said, the Heavenly Bodies are deserving champs, and I hope we get to see these two teams feud more.

Another highlight was the return of Craven Varro!! The six man match he was part of was a fun match, but I was most interested in seeing how Craven would do back after 9 long months. Didn't seem to have lost a step! I have long been a fan, so it was great to see him back in the ring.

The six-women tag was a solid match, especially since I believe many of the women involved were making their in-ring debuts. My daughter loved the match, and was so glad to meet Gemma Cross during intermission.

There wasn't a bad match on the card. The opener with Pat Buck and...Alex Reynolds (I may have the wrong brother) was a perfect way to start the show (Pat had commented later that it wasn't supposed to be the first match, but they used it to give time for the guys to fix the sound problems). Pat is a truly amazing wrestler and knows how to work a crowd. And I have liked both Reynolds brothers for a while. They aren't flashy, but they have a lot of talent.

The number one contender's match was also really good. I know CPA is a fan favorite, but I am glad they gave the win to Wayward. I've been dying to see some closure to the feud between the former Untouchables members. Hoping Bowens is back for the next show in September. That match would make an already huge show over the top.

The only real gripe I have about the show was that I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see the Aesthetics Males in a triple threat, but the six man tag was still very entertaining.

Also, this was the first WrestlePro show (even going back when the talent was still at PWS) where I didn't see Kevin Matthews or Brian Myers wrestle. Huge fan of both. Didn't take away from my enjoyment, but I did think it was worth commenting on. I was glad that Bowens and Bokara where there even though they were injured. Bowens coming out after the number one contender's match was a huge moment.

And I hope poor David Adams is okay! Guy already had a messed up arm, and during the Kevin Thorne Vs Bull match, he got knocked pretty hard through the barricade, landing on his arm.

Man, this went on forever. You can tell I really miss writing about wrestling ;) The column should be back in a few weeks, and of course, we'll be at the huge WrestlePro show in September 10 back in the Rahway Rec Center.