Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - Fun and Action-Packed

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TMNT Out of the Shadows on BD and DVD

A year after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took down their nemesis, Shredder (Brian Tee), and sent him to prison, they are still living under the radar in the sewers, sneaking into basketball games and enjoying pizza. It's not a perfect existence, but more or less they are happy. However, their friend April (Megan Fox) learns that scientist Baxter Stockton (Tyler Perry) is somehow planning to help Shredder break out during a prisoner transfer. Despite Donatello (Jeremy Howard), Leonardo (Pete Ploszek), Michaelangelo (Noel Fisher), and Raphael (Alan Ritchson) racing to stop this, Shredder manages to escape with the help of Stockton's teleportation device. When the Turtles realize Shredder's plans to open a portal and ensure his rising power, they race to stop him. However, when Shredder's mutant-creating serum is shown to turn humans into mutants, some of the Turtles realize they might be able to use this to turn themselves into humans and come out of the shadows forever - but not all of the Turtles are in agreement on this. Now, the four brothers must put aside their differing views and work together to stop Shredder once and for all, or the entire world could be at risk. 

This is far from being an Oscar-worthy film. However, it's definitely a fun movie, that I very much enjoyed. With action in every scene and the Turtles' usual teen-boy humor, it will easily hold the attention of younger viewers. But I also enjoyed April's sleuthing, the dynamic between the turtle brothers, and Casey Jones' (Stephen Amell) struggles with the police. I'll admit, the Turtles' shenanigans and pranks had me giggling. 

We've got a one-dimensional yet scary villain and his two comic-relief bumbling sidekicks (not-so-bright escaped criminals who mutate into an anthropomorphic warthog and rhino) that keep up the tension while still providing a laugh or two. Plus, interesting technology and a high-speed jet battle in the Brazilian rainforest add to the fun. 

I didn't see the 2014 Turtles movie, but I enjoyed the cartoon as a kid. It's certainly not a deep storyline, and the special effects are pretty on-par with similarly budgeted films, but if you go into it expecting a light, fun, and action-packed story with your favorite Turtle heroes, you won't be disappointed. There are some scary scenes that could frighten younger viewers, as well as some minor swear words (I remember "hell" and "ass"). In usual Michael Bay form, there are some overt cleavage shots of Megan Fox, but nothing too sexual. 

The Blu-Ray is loaded with special features like deleted scenes and "Turtle Eggs." The Blu-Ray package I received also included a pack of two reversible Turtle Masks, so your kids (or you!) can dress up as your favorite character afterward. 

Overall, this was a fun film! I recommend it! 


4.0 / 5.0