Unleash the Power with Disney's The Lion Guard on DVD

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The Lion Guard: Unleash the Power on DVD

The adventures of Simba's son Kion continue with this episode compilation, THE LION GUARD: UNLEASH THE POWER.

Kion (Max Charles) and his young friends work together as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands, helping out during natural disasters and assisting other animals in trouble -- and, of course, fending off Janja the Hyena (Andrew Kishino) and his crew as they forever try to creep into the Pride Lands and disrupt the Circle of Life.

In each episode, we get to know one of the quirky friends a little better, or make a new one. When the Lion Guard overhears that friends don't let other friends eat alone ("Fuli's New Family"), they notice that Fuli (Diamond White) the cheetah always eats alone. Since she's part of the Guard, they determine it's the friendship thing to do to not let that happen -- completely unaware that hunting alone is how a cheetah functions. Fuli's likely to starve to death before she can get her friends to understand. Meanwhile, Bunga (Joshua Rush) the honeybadger gets bitten by a cobra, but when told that honeybadgers are immune takes the definition of the word to extremes, believing himself to be invulnerable to everything. Later, in "Bunga the Wise," Bunga overhears only a portion of a sentence about how smart honeybadgers are, and proceeds to begin dispensing very bad advice.

The kicker to the collection is "Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots." In this, Kion gets trapped outside the Pride Lands, and is vulnerable to being caught by Janja's crew. When he finds himself at the mercy of a new hyena named Jasiri (Maria Mitchell), he is surprised that she's aware of how the Circle of Life works, and that she tries to help him get back home.

As an added bonus, this DVD comes packaged with a Lion Guard amulet.

Life lessons and a lot of fun make THE LION GUARD: UNLEASH THE POWER a recommended Disney Junior release for your kids.

1. Fuli's New Family
2. Bunga the Wise
3. Eye of the Beholder
4. Follow That Hippo!
5. The Search for Utamu
6. Never Judge a Hyena By Its Spots
4.5 / 5.0