One Nation Under Trump One Video To Avoid

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One Nation Under Trump DVD

If you have a polarizing figure with a history of controversy and thrust him to the forefront of a Presidential campaign, it should be pretty hard to screw up a documentary about him -- but Director Jim Gufferson, Screenwriter BC Furtney and Producer Jason Winn 'J.B. Destiny' Bareford managed to do just that.

ONE NATION UNDER TRUMP sounds from the title like it might be a political prognostication in the vein of Dinesh D'Souza's HILLARY'S AMERICA. Could it be a dystopian view of the rise of a megalomaniacal magnate? Could it be an optimistic view of a nation united under a political outsider who castigates corruption?

Could it at least tell a story?

Unfortunately, it does nothing. The documentary contains no new material, no interviews, and only a cursory look back -- less than five minutes -- at Trump's history. The rest of that time is filled with a conglomeration of news clips and press conferences that we've already seen, in no particular order, sometimes introduced with poorly mixed narration that is at a jarringly different level of volume than the newsclips. It's the sort of thing I cold do on my laptop with a high speed connection, access to YouTube, and Windows Moviemaker. There is literally nothing to see, hear, or learn here. Even the most ardent supporter will be better served by picking up The History Channel's THE MAKING OF TRUMP -- or just tune in to Sean Hannity for "new episodes" instead.

0 / 5.0