It All Begins With Her: Wonder Woman Official Trailer Released

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Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)

Warner Brothers has released the official trailer for the Patty Jenkins helmed WONDER WOMAN, and there are only two words that come to mind.

Nailed it.

Unlike the oft-criticized forerunner, BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, which saw characters acting out of character, WONDER WOMAN seems to take the origin story to heart, complete with Steve Trevor (CHRIS PINE) arriving on myth-shrouded Themyscira where he meets Diana (GAL GADOT). The only liberty being taken here is that it is set in World War One instead of World War Two, and for my money that is actually an improvement. What other war would a peace-loving warrior be more inclined to join? The war that was called (at the time) "The Great War" or the one that was called "The War to End All Wars?" I'm also digging Gal Gadot's accent -- it makes sense that she would not speak in cosmopolitan English (although the fact that she speaks English at all, given centuries hidden away from the eyes of man, is a plot point that must be forgiven for the sake of storytelling).

It looks largely from this trailer that WONDER WOMAN is going to be a period piece, as I'm not seeing any inclusion of modern era, which would necessarily have to occur after BVS:DOJ. Pine and Gadot both seem to embody their characters, and the inclusion of Etta Candy (LUCY DAVIS) at the end lends just the right touch of light-heartedness that BVS:DOJ was missing completely. It certainly seems that all the right lessons were learned by Warner Brothers, and are being applied here.

5.0 / 5.0