WrestlePro Preview and Predictions - November 19, 2016

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Mike Maillaro: This Saturday, WrestlePro returns to their home in Rahway, New Jersey for what is promising to be their biggest show of the year.  So many great matches on the card.  This is a huge showcase for all of the great WrestlePro talent!

Chris Delloiacono: This is going to be a really exciting night. This definitely has a big show feel. I can't wait for the meet and greet beforehand, but the show itself is what it's all about!

EJ5 (Chris Payne, Heavenly Bodies, and Buster Jackson) Vs. Ryback/Pat Buck/Broken Hardys
Mike: I assume this match will be the main event, so I will start with the Ultimate Deletion Elimination Match pitting the EJ5 against the WrestlePro tag champs and the Hardys.  
Up front, I want to say I am a fan of the EJ5.  The Heavenly Bodies are great heels, I love Shining Edward Jackson, and Chris Payne has always been one of my favorite WrestlePro guys.  But, this show pretty much has to have a feel good ending, so it’s pretty likely Ryback and company will be winning.  This should be an entertaining match though.  
BTW, if you haven’t been following Matt Hardy, you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  The latest twist on the Broken Matt Hardy saga is that he has amnesia, and it’s produced some hilarious Tweets and videos…



Chris: This looks to be a great one. There is so much talent in the ring, I hope it goes a long time. That's really the key for me. The personalities all deserve time to shine in the glow of the spotlight. Oddly, this elimination match is far more exciting than anything on this year’s Survivor Series card.

I'm calling a sweep for the faces! That would certainly send the crowd home happy.

Josh Pollard: On the one hand, Pat Buck rarely wins matches (like any good owner). On the other hand, yeah, no stopping Ryback and the Hardys. This will be pretty damn amazing in any case.

Our Prediction: Ryback/Pat Buck/Broken Hardys

WrestlePro Title: Danny Maff Vs Bobby Wayward
Chris: I can't wait to see this one! Wayward is a spectacular heel. He draws heat like few others in the biz. You know Danny Maff is going to throw him one hell of a beating, and the crowd will be so into it. Still, the beating is coming, but the champ is gonna shock the world and keep that strap.
Mike: We have had some really great WrestlePro Championship matches in the title’s short history, and I expect this one will continue that proud tradition. You got the bad ass veteran vs the scrappy champion looking to prove he deserves his spot at the top.  
I agree with Chris’s prediction.  Maff is a beast, and he’s going to leave his mark on Wayward, but I think it’s very likely Wayward will manage to weasel his way to holding on to the title a little bit longer.  
Josh: They’ll have to carry Wayward out on a sponge, but it’ll be a sponge inexplicably carrying a belt.
Our Prediction: Wayward, Wayward, Wayward


CPA Vs Habib

Chris: The Abominable CPA vs. the high flying Habib! This match should be a blast. Much like Bobby Wayward is a heel magnet, CPA and Habib are the equal and opposite for baby faces. This one will be fun either way and I’ve got no clue who’s going to win. I’ll just throw out a guess and say Habib for the win.

Mike: These two guys really know how to play to the crowd.  There is a good chance this one will steal the show, like when CPA fought Grado a few weeks ago.  It will be nice to see Habib fighting someone his own size and not getting flung around the ring like a rag doll for a change.  This one can go either way, but I can’t bring myself to pick against the Uncharismatic Enigma.  CPA for the win.
Josh: As far as I’m concerned, CPA is on a roll ever since shocking Grado. It might take something overly hardcore like a chokeslam onto flaming Post-It notes, but he’ll win it.

Chris’s Prediction: Habib

Mike and Josh's  Prediction: CPA


Kevin Matthews and Craven Varro Vs Team Espana (w/ Niko Rikos and Coach D)

Mike:  This won't be a popular pick.  But I have to go with Coach D’s boys.  I do love Kevin Matthews and Craven Varro, but Team Espana has had a new fire under their asses since coming under Coach D’s influence.  In other words, the heels will cheat their asses off and steal a win.  I do think it’s very likely this one ends with Nikos Rikos and/or Coach D taking an Ego Driver…
I do hope that this match leads to a rematch down the road with all three members of Reality Check reuniting to take on the full Team Espanikos!  I really miss Devon Moore.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Last time we saw Devon he was feuding with Matthews, but hey, it’s wrestling, things change fast.  
Josh: I...can’t recall the last time I saw Nikos actually win a match. Granted, I’m sporadic in going to these things, but yeah. One Ego Driver for you!
Chris: I've got to disagree with Mike on the winners but agree there will be some Ego Drivers going around. I like Espanikos a lot, but I just don't see them winning.
I gotta say, Devon Moore coming back would be a big surprise. Reality Check returns! Hey, you never know. Whether it happens or not, this will be a fun one!
Mike: I stand by my pick.  Coach D is my hero and will lead his boys to victory!

Mike’s Prediction: Team Espana

Chris and Josh’s Prediction: Matthews and Varro

Mario Bokara Vs Anthony Bowens Vs. Bull James

Josh: As always, I must root like a maniac for Croatian Thor. Kick some ass!
Mike: While Bowens is no slouch, I don’t envy him being in the ring with the Croatian Sensation and Bull.  That is a lot of violent humanity in the ring.  I might be inclined to pick Bowens, BUT, but my daughter would stop speaking to me if I picked against her favorite wrestler, so Mario it is.
Chris: This should be a really interesting match. Two very different styles that should come together in a hard hitting match. Both guys are right at the top of the food chain for WrestlePro, so we might have a new number one contender come out of this! I'm going with the consensus--Bokara wins.

Apple Corps Vs Aesthetics Males

Mike: Matt Macintosh’s ever expanding faction takes on the Aesthetic Males.  Should be a good match.  We got a little taste of this at the Edison Fall Festival with Matt Macintosh and Mike Del squaring off.  Those two guys matched up real well, and I think this will be a real solid match.  
I have to pick the Apple Corps in this one.  I have been using #AppleCorpsBitch as a hashtag since Macintosh and company demolished Anthony Bowens months ago. Apple Corps could very well be the most dominant faction in WrestlePro in the coming year.
Josh: Someone is surely going to stop Macintosh’s Evil Apple Cult (I love that this is something I actually find myself typing), but it won’t be the Aesthetics.
Chris: The Apple Corps may be my favorite part of WrestlePro right now. There's nothing better than a strong heel faction that pulls down amazing heat. If the majority of the crowd cheers the heel, well, you're doing it wrong. The Corps has no such problem!
Funny, we've picked the same on a lot of the matches, and that's not changing here. The Aesthetics are going to put up a great fight with some signature moves, but they are getting rocked to the core! Or is that: Rocked by the Corps!

Our Pick: Apple Corps

Chris Avery Queling Vs Giant Leather

Josh: Now here’s a match that seems built out of sheer random. Should be neat though. Two guys who have pretty much been unstoppable crazy monsters. This one’s kind of a tossup for me, but Queling has been on a tear lately.
Mike: Giant Leather seems to suffer from Kane syndrome.  He’s a big beast, and he kicks some serious ass outside of matches.  But when it comes to actual matches, he ends up taking the L more often than not.  Queling has been seemingly unstoppable dispatching his opponents brutally the last few times I’ve seen him.  This one should be vicious, but Queling will take it.
Chris: I'm not always the biggest fan of matches between two big guys. They can be boring and feature a lot of stalling. Thankfully, both Leather and Queling know how to work a quicker pace. So, I don't expect a lot of rest holds. This is going to be senses shattering!
And I gotta agree with my boys. CAQ looks to be moving to the top of the card, so he's got to win.

Our Pick: CAQ

Beach Bums Vs Taboo Crew

Mike: This will be my first time seeing all the Beach Bums in action.  One of them did wrestle a few weeks ago at the Edison Fall Festival, and I thought he really sold the gimmick well.  But Taboo Crew are former WrestlePro tag team champions (and I will probably be wearing my Taboo Crew jersey like I do to most WrestlePro shows). Sorry, Bums, this is not going to be your night...

Josh: Yeah, I can’t in good conscience pick against the Crew. The title loss was a robbery!

Our Prediction: Taboo Crew


C-Bunny Vs Antoinnette
Mike: We don’t get a lot of single female matches at WrestlePro, which is a shame because the talent we’ve seen seems to have a lot of potential.  And my daughter loves women’s wrestling.  Her favorite match of the year so far was the six-woman tag match in Union during the outdoor show.
I like both of these women, but I am going to give C-Bunny the edge here...and just hope Antoinette doesn’t see this and kick my ass.
Josh: I’ve never seen Antoinnette wrestle, but yeah, the women’s matches at Wrestlepro are usually pretty damn good (I get the feeling they have to work harder to catch the crowd). And C-Bunny is just really awesome. Flygirl!
Our Prediction: C-Bunny

Delroy Vs Colt Cabana
Mike: Delroy has always been an odd one for me.  He seems to have a lot of natural in-ring talent, but he just doesn’t seem to have a lot of personality on display.  It makes it hard for me to root for him.  In wrestling, you can be a good guy or a bad guy and get my attention (Macintosh and Wayward are perfect examples of this), but if you are just there, I’m going to lose interest quick.
I actually think he could learn a lot from someone like Boom Boom.  Cabana always seems to be having a great time in the ring, and it helps get the fans on his side.  I am picking Cabana here.  
Josh: What Mike said. I have a hard time remembering things Delroy has actually done since I’ve been watching, and that’s no good.
Chris: Pairing Delroy with New Jack a year or so ago was a huge mistake. He just didn't fit the style of a New Jack protege. Matter of fact, I think he's just the opposite! Delroy would make a great baby face. Heel or face, I know one thing, Colt is gonna have a fun match with Delroy.

Our Prediction: Colt Cabana