"Yankees Origins" Debuts with Spotlight on Pitcher James Kaprielian

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The New York Yankees not only spend a lot of time and money on winning championships, but as their YES Network implies, they invest in entertainment as well.

The highly profitable organization provides excellent programming such as "Yankees on Deck" and "Yankeeography". Both of which that take you inside the dugout and between the lines; introducing you to the world and players of Yankees baseball.

Today, their "Yankees On Demand" outlet has debuted a new series that spotlights players on the rise in their minor league system. Recently, Baseball America has ranked the New York Yankees as having the #1 farm system in the country. With that in mind, getting to know the origins of these future Bronx Bombers will help fans feel more connected to the players they'll be rooting.

The Yankees have a long history of baseball heroes such as Ruth, Gherig, Mantle and Berra. Their stories (on and off the field) are of baseball legend. It's fitting that in a new era, with a young crop of stars growing on the farm, the New York Yankees seek to deliver their origin stories.

In the first episode of "Yankees Origins", they spotlight Pitcher, James Kaprielian, who went 33-3 in High School, won a national championship at UCLA and led Team USA to victory by striking out 12 batters over 6 shutout innings. All of those accomplishments are great, but when you consider the emotional battle he had to overcome behind the scenes, it really shows the type of man he is.

Watch this very moving and powerful piece on Yankees Pitcher James Kaprielian in the new series "Yankees Origins" from Yankees on Demand.