Melissa Benoist Invokes Supergirl During Women's March on Washington

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Unless you've been living under a rock, or buried in some deep corner of the world, you know that with Donald Trump now officially President of the United States, there comes a lot of controversy. Many actors in Hollywood have spoken out against our new President. Melissa Benoist, star of The CW's SUPERGIRL, has joined the fray.

Today, the day after President Trump's inauguration, a "Women's March on Washington" movement was planned to raise awareness of several remarks he's made that are derogatory towards women. Melissa Benoist plays a character on television that empowers the feminine spirit. Shown wearing a "Feminist" sweatshirt, her picture just started circulating around the internet holding a sign that reads:

"Hey Donald, don't try to grab MY p*ssy - It's made of STEEL"

Whether you agree with her involvement or not, the sign shows that she's not afraid to use her status as SUPERGIRL to assist in voicing her opinion. Her involvement in the "Women's March" shows an indomitable spirit as she joins a movement that epitomizes "Stronger Together"; which, if you recall, was the title for the second episode of the first season. Personal politics aside, I think the sign is a clever way to use her brand to help deliver a very stern message.

Whether you agree with her message or not, we live in a country that allows her (and all of us) to voice our opinions in a peaceful way. With all the news of some protesters turning violent, my only hope is that she stays safe; along with everyone else.

What are your thoughts about Melissa Benoist joining the "Women's March on Washington?