Valentine's Bombshell Lady Zero Will Stop Hearts

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Lady Zero as Zero from Drakengard 3

February is a month that may be short on days, but it's big on heart (it does have Valentine's Day in it, after all!) And in addition to the holiday of love, we at Critical Blast want to make the month big on cosplay as well, and we can't think of a better way to do that than with the extremely talented and dedicated Lady Zero.

Drawing inspiration from video games like FINAL FANTASY, Lady Zero brings us her versions of Zero from DRAKENGARD 3 (seen left, photograph by Lexa One Photagraphie) and Kaine from NieR (below, photograph by Narcisse), this Canadian-based Poliish cosplayer puts her whole heart into her work, and it definitely shows in the results!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Critical Blast Bombshell, February 2017

Lady Zero

Interest in Cosplay: I do it to become a character. There is nothing else for me in this. I want to be the character I cosplay, act like her, bring her to real life. I put my whole heart into recreating the costume.
Introduction to Cosplay: I started to cosplay, when I was 17. It was for me a form of showing love to the character. Aerith from FINAL FANTASY VII -- I just wanted to be her. I really wanted to attend my first convention as a cosplayer, and I did it.
Secret Identity: Just a woman who loves video games, reading books, and is a seamstress behind being fictional characters. :)
My true identity is not so hidden, but I had stalkers before, so I try not to be obvious about who I am.
Social Activities: In my area I never had chance to bring out my cosplay more. I attended a lot events, as a hostess in cosplay, but nothing more than that, sadly. I wish to show it more, and make a good thing out of it for others.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? I make my own costumes since I started. I have nothing against people buying costumes, ordering them to be made -- my way is just to do it alone. I do full research of what fabric I would use, what kind of wig I need, make-up I have to apply, etc. It's a long process, overall. That is why I don't show new costumes all the time -- it takes around 2-4 months to make one, sometimes up to year. For me, it's quality over quantity.
Favorite Cosplay: I would have to say, Aerith Gainsborough from FINAL FANTASY VII, and Zero from DRAKENGARD 3. Can't choose one between those two. Both of them are me, in some way.
Facebook: @LadyxZero
Deviantart: LadyxZero

Lady Zero as NieR's Kaine, photo by Narcisse