Preview of February 10th WrestlePro Show @ Starland Ballroom

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There’s a big WrestlePro show Friday Night (February 10) at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey and on Saturday night in Brooklyn at St Pat’s CYO.  Starland Ballroom is one of my favorite places to catch a wrestling show (or concert), and I’ve had my tickets for this one for a long time now.

Here are our predictions on how the Starland show plays out!

Ryback Vs Brian Cage

Mike: THE SIN CITY CYBORG TAKES ON THE MACHINE!!  Ryback promised a 30 minute match.  I don’t know if that will happen, but I am definitely expecting a hard hitting match here no matter how much time it gets.  

Who’s the winner here?  Tough call.  I think Cage might have a slight edge over Ryback, but over the last few months, Ryback has shown that he has a lot more range than he ever got to show in the WWE.  I think I have to give Cage the win here, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if Ryback takes it.

Josh: I never bet against “celebrity” wrestlers (unless I’m extremely personally biased, see below!).

Mike: You know Cage is a pretty big name himself...just saying…

Chris: Definitely an interesting one here. I can’t see Ryback getting pinned but you never know.

  • Mike’s Prediction: Brian Cage
  • Josh’s Prediction: Ryback
  • Chris’s Prediction: Ryback

Habib VS CPA

Mike: This is the 3rd in a best of 5 series of matches between two of WrestlePro’s most popular wrestlers (match 4 will be tomorrow night in Brooklyn).  These two have very different styles of wrestling.  Habib is a high flying daredevil; CPA is more...indescribable. I’ve seen him choke slam Grado onto Doritos, and I’ve seen him in the most intense game of Guess Who ever played.  CPA pretty much always seems to win when I see him live, so I am going with CPA to win this one and Habib to win tomorrow night’s match in Brooklyn.

Josh: I like both of these guys a hell of a lot, but yeah, CPA is on another level when it comes to funny. Dunno who wins here though, let me flip a quarter…

Chris: Who wins? Who loses? Who cares. The match is going to be epic. The winner is the fans!

  • Mike’s Prediction: The Abominable CPA wins match 3, Habib wins match 4
  • Josh’s Prediction: Habib
  • Chris’s Prediction: Habib (Just because I have to guess)

Chris Avery Queling Vs Anthony Bowens

Josh: Now here’s one I’ve been looking forward to ever since the completely random clothesline of death that cost Bowens the title. Queling has just been on a rampage through everyone and I can’t really see it stopping here.

Mike: My immediate response would be to agree with you.  Queling has been on one hell of a roll.  BUT, then the writer in me kicks in.  With Bowens facing off against Wayward the next night in Brooklyn for the title, it probably makes the most sense to have Bowens’ momentum going strong which means a win here.  Though you could also argue that the better story is Bowens taking a beating against CAQ, (especially coming back from injury) and still having to face off against Wayward the next night for the title.  Maybe I am overthinking things, but I am going with Bowens.

Chris: It’s always hard to predict when two guys on an upward trajectory face off. In the old WWF this would be the match where both guys rolled over the top rope together and beat each other up in the aisle until they were both counted out.

I have a feeling CAQ is going to get the win. Perhaps with the aid of Wayward?

  • Josh’s Prediction: CAQ
  • Mike’s Prediction: Anthony Bowens
  • Chris’s Prediction: CAQ

Cody Rhodes vs Lio Rush Vs Mario Bokara

Josh: I am more or less unfamiliar with Lio Rush, but man, I would not miss Bokara vs Cody for all the money. Well, maybe some of the money. Gotta pull for Bokara, as I always do.

Mike: Like Josh said, I don’t know Lio Rush’s work all that well.  Part of me was a little disappointed he was added to this match, just because I would love to see Cody Vs Mario in a one-on-one.  That is not a knock against Rush, adding anyone to this match is going to have to go a long way to win me over.  Cody Rhodes is one of my favorite wrestlers, but Mario is family, so I just can’t pick against him.  

BTW, Mario’s promo for this match was incredible!  

Chris: I’ve never seen Lio Rush either, but I’ve heard he’s amazing. I’m really looking forward to this one. Cody and Mo are two of my favorites and I bet Lio is impressive too.

  • Josh’s Prediction: Croatian Thor
  • Mike’s Prediction: Mario Bokara
  • Chris’s Prediction: Cody

Dan Maff and a Mystery Partner Vs Pat Buck and Kevin Matthews

Mike: From the moment they announced this match, I’ve been saying that the mystery partner has to be MONSTA MACK!  I’ve watched a lot of Da Hit Squad matches online (and many Maff matches in person) but have never have the privilege of seeing them live.  If my wish comes true, I have no choice but to pick DHS.  I may be a Pat Buck guy, and I’m wearing my Kevin Matthews “Welcome to My World” shirt as I type this.  But even then, I ain’t picking against Mafia and Monsta Mack

Josh: It’ll be CPA with Writeoffs to Buck and Matthews, then Maff. What?

Chris: I hope we see Da Hit Squad! Either way, It would certainly fit with the storyline of Maff getting screwed. Now he’d bring in his pal to watch his back. The one guy he can truly trust. In any event, I bet it’s a surprise worth seeing.

  • Mike’s Prediction: Da Hit Squad
  • Josh’s Prediction: Maff and CPA
  • Chris’s Prediction: Da Hit Squad

Matt Macintosh Vs Alex Reynolds Vs Joey Janela

Mike: This will probably end up being the sleeper match of the night.  Macintosh always manages to steal the show, and we have three real hungry guys who all could easily win this one.  But I am #AppleCorps4Life, so I am picking Macintosh.

Josh: I don’t see the Evil Apple Cult failing just yet. It’ll take something bigger…

Chris: I can’t go against Macintosh either. Apple Corps all the way, bitches!

  • Mike’s Prediction: Matt Macintosh
  • Josh’s Prediction: Matt Macintosh
  • Chris’s Prediction: Matt Macintosh

Chris Payne Vs Delroy Alexander

Mike: We’ve talked about both of these guys before.  Chris Payne has a great look and a ton of talent.  He made an appearance on NXT last year, and I’m thinking that it will not be the last time we see him on WWE television.  

Delroy has slowly been winning me over.  He is a big dude who moves well in the ring.  I definitely think he needs to show a lot more personality in the ring, but once he gets that down, he could have a really high ceiling.  

I actually think Delroy needs this win a bit more that Chris Payne, so I am giving him the edge here.

Josh: Yeah, nothing against Delroy, just as far as the stories or whatever go he’s always “there” and not much more. He could win this one out of nowhere, but gut says not. Unless the aforementioned Evil Cult goes recruiting again…

Chris: I’m glad you guys are coming around on Delroy. He’s going to turn some heads! I still don’t think he’s winning this one, though. To be honest, neither of these guys win enough. I think Payne needs the win more, so I’m going with him.

  • Mike’s Prediction: Delroy Alexander
  • Josh’s Prediction: Chris Payne
  • Chris’s Prediction: Chris Payne

Taboo Crew Vs Team Espanikos

Mike: Even though there are a lot of great talents and match-ups on the card, this is probably the match I am most excited about.  Also the match I least want to make a pick on.  I am a huge fan of Taboo Crew, and Coach and his boys never fail to impress. So I am taking the coward's’ way out and the only prediction  I am making for this one is, this will be one hell of a match!

Josh: Uh, hell, I don’t know. I picked against Espanikos last time and they spited me by pulling a win out of their ass (damn you!). So let’s get the damn quarter out again…

Chris: Definitely going to be a barn burner! I can’t wait to see what happens with this one.

  • Mike’s Prediction:  Too close to call.
  • Josh’s Prediction: Taboo Crew
  • Chris’s Prediction: Taboo Crew

Johnny Clash, Massage NV, and Mark Sterling Vs Rikishi and the Beach Bums

Mike: Ever since I heard Pat Buck describe Massage NV’s...unique...offense on his podcast, I’ve wanted to see these guys in action.  Usually when you have a legend like Rikishi in the match, you are going to get a “feel good” story, so Rikishi and the Bums will probably get the win here.

Josh: One of the teams has Rikishi, the other one has Johnny Clash. This is sadly a given, I think.

Mike: Poor, poor Johnny Clash...I don’t think he had a single victory in WrestlePro last year...

Chris: My only prediction is that Johnny Clash is gonna get some ass. Rikishi is gonna back it up and give that poor man a stinkface. Has to happen!

  • Mike’s Prediction: Rikishi and the Beach Bums
  • Josh’s Prediction: Rikishi and the Beach Bums

Amazing Graysons Vs Apple Corps

Mike: Two relatively new teams in WrestlePro.  I think all four of these guys have huge potential, and this actually should be a real solid match.  Like I said before, I am Apple Corps 4 Life, so I am giving Valerio and MJF the edge here.  They partner up great, and these are two guys who should have huge futures in this business!

Josh: See above about the Apple Corps not failing quite yet. Too much sneaky to go around, until something surprising turns up...

  • Mike’s Prediction: Apple Corps (BITCH!)
  • Josh’s Prediction: Apple Corps